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BUY & SPEND eGift Cards from Purple Essentials and Square!!
Fast - Secure - Customizable - Purchase Purple Essentials eGift Cards
Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Anniversary ... or as a spontaneous gift of Love  - eGift Cards from Purple Essentials and Square!


To streamline and enhance our eGift Card system we have partnered with Square to provide a fun and easy method of buying, sending ... and spending, Purple Essentials gift cards online and in-store.

Customize the perfect, pampering gift - pick from a number of card options - available in any denomination - add your own personal message - create your own unique discount code .. be creative!

From start to finish, eGift Cards can be ready to send in minutes.  Have them delivered immediately, or opt to have the eGift Card delivered on the day of your choice - Christmas morning, Birthday, Anniversary? 

While shopping online at offers our most complete fresh and natural product experience, onsite eGift Card services are not currently integrated - Square offers this convenient, secure and easy to use service for sending gift cards to those you love!

Ready to shop for a Purple Essentials eGift Card?


Ready to redeem an eGift Card you have received? Please make your selection from the choices below, based on the destination of the purchase, not the origin:

For shipping destinations in BC, or in-store redemption
For shipping destinations in ON
For shipping destinations in the AB, QC, MB, NT, NU, SK or YK
For shipping destinations in the NB, NF, NS or PE
For shipping to the U.S. - SQUARE currently doesn't support this ☹

Why these individual sites for shopping online instead of at the website?

Great question - Until we can integrate the redemption of eGift cards on our website, Square provides the industry's most secure environment for processing eGift Card transactions - that's good for you! Since Purple Essentials customers shop online from all over North America, the taxes we are required to charge and remit vary by province and country. Square's software does not currently allow for multiple tax rates in one store, so we have to create identical stores for each taxation area ... sounds like more work than it is :)

That's why it's important to choose the correct option above for shopping based on the destination of the parcel.  e.g. If you are shopping from the US, but are having the item shipped to an address in Ontario, Canada, then choose the shipping destinations in ON shopping option. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us service online at ... we're always available to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

Thanks for allowing us to nurture your skin, senses and wellbeing!!

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