Monday, July 20

After Sun Skin Care - Important Steps for Taking Care of Your Skin After a Day in the Sun

Whether you've had a day at the beach or an enjoyable day out and about in the summer sun, be sure to protect, heal and nourish your skin with these simple after sun practices:
  • Shower & Moisturize ~ Time to wash away the layers of sunscreen & sweat, and rehydrate your sun-kissed skin. Cleanse your body with a hydrating bar of natural soap and apply a moisturizing body lotion, immediately after toweling off, to nourish and protect your skin. Recommended: All Natural Soaps ~ Whipped Body Cremes Citrus & Sage or Vanilla Orange Spice ~ Mango Body Butter (for dry, flaky problem areas)
  • Pamper Your Face ~ Use products rich in antioxidants to help protect and repair while helping to fight the signs of aging. In the hot, summer sun, wind and sand can act like an all-day irritant and exfoliator on your face. For your evening routine, use a gentle cleanser to wash away the day's sunscreen, dirt and sweat, followed by a deeply hydrating moisturizer to nourish your face while you sleep ~ wake up rejuvenated! Recommended: Orange & Rosemary Cleanser ~ Rejuvenating Serum ~ Facial Elixir
  • Soothe Your Lips ~ Easily sunburned, lips will respond quickly to a thick layer of moisturizing lip butter. Apply and let it soak in for hydrating relief and a return to soft, happy lips. Recommended: Moisture-rich Lip Butter
  • Treat Your Feet ~ It's a must, especially if you've spent a day at the beach! Dipping your feet in and out of water while naturally exfoliating them in the sand can leave them rough, dry and tired. Unless you moisturize, they could end up a mess. To avoid this, take the time to massage your tired feet with a hydrating body cream to soothe and soften them like a day at the spa. Recommended: Whipped Body Cremes Citrus & Sage or Vanilla Orange Spice ~ Mango Body Butter (for treating dry, cracked heels)
  • Rejuvenate Your Hair ~ Your hair can take a real beating when you are out in the summer sun. Water, wind, sand ... each of these can stress your hair beyond a normal day's cycle. Before bed give it a thorough washing and apply an intensive conditioner to help rejuvenate it back to a healthy shine. Recommended: Intensive Hair Treatment
  • Drink Plenty of Water! ~ Before - During - After ... Nothing replenishes your skin and senses like cool, refreshing water!
While following these steps can help protect, heal and nourish your skin after a day of sun exposure, the best way to help prevent sun damage and insure healthy, youthful skin is to prepare beforehand! Apply, and re-apply, generous amounts of sunscreen while outdoors, take timeouts in the shade and drink plenty of water!

Have a safe and relaxing summer!

Live Purple

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