Sunday, July 13

Summer Groove Event - wrap up.

The Summer of 2014 has started off wonderfully...  On June 24th we co-hosted the "Get Your Summer Groove On" event with the lovely and talented, Whitney Haynes (Go here to see her unique, stylish jewelry pieces and what she is all about). It turned out to be a beautiful, sultry, Summer evening, with many people stopping by for a cool cocktail and a stroll through Whitney's fabulous jewelry and our Fresh & Natural offerings. All this and a chance to view/learn more about Heather Haynes' deeply moving paintings from her "Courage" collection.  Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves!

Heather Haynes Gallery

Setting up Summer Cocktail (Passion & Strawberry Tea with Organic Lemonade & Vodka) & Appies.

Whitney Haynes Designs

Purple Essentials Summer Offerings

Just before the party started (such a lovely space).

We decided it was only appropriate, to wear Heather's art in the gallery, with our stylish and comfortable Twirl Clothing dresses. The lifelike paintings hanging behind us are by Heather Haynes & Jeff Montgomery's 17 year old (very talented) son, Whit Montgomery. They are definitely worth going by the gallery to view in person... as is EVERYTHING in the gallery.

The evening flew by while we chatted with guests ... it wasn't until the next day that I realized, we neglected to capture any photos during the actual party.  This would be a sign of a "Groovin Night"!  We managed to live in the moments and were fully present in our event... no complaints ;-)
BIG thanks to Whitney & Heather Haynes for having us set up Purple Essentials' in their fabulous space, for that evening.  We had such a great time!
This was only the beginning of Summer 2014 ... more to come.

Live Purple!

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