Tuesday, April 22

Happy Earth Day to you & yours

Thinking of you all on this glorious Earth Day!

(Reposted from Earth Day 2013)

Today, the world celebrates the 44th annual Earth Day, a global event meant to celebrate the Earth and raise awareness for environmental causes.  What will you be doing for Earth Day this year?

There are plenty of things to do on Earth Day... We, at Purple Essentials, encourage you to take a moment to celebrate our planet, the value of its rainforests and appreciate the air we breathe. Take a breath. Take a deep breath... Now thank a rainforest :)

It is important to remember that every day can be Earth Day .

This year, do something to make a change. Every effort you make to reduce your carbon footprint and limit your exposure to damaging chemicals... will add up, in big ways.

Here are 4 ways to make a difference:

Food: Eating plant-based diets is truthfully the best thing we can do to lower our impact on the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

·    Grow your own food – 10 Easiest veggies to grow.
·     Buy certified organic from local farmers.

·     Preserve what is in season - How to - Preserving

·     Request local organic food where you shop or dine. - Great info - click here

Water: Drink clean water - avoid plastic bottled water - the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the water you are drinking, not to mention that the landfills get overloaded with the bottles.
•  Getting clever about water also means conserving water at home: taking shorter showers, finding and fixing leaks, washing full loads of laundry, watering your lawn less often, and installing devices and appliances such as low-flow showerheads and toilets.

•  Remember - Please don’t contaminate our water supply by flushing prescription drugs  down the toilet, using fertilizers or pesticides on your lawn, or by using toxic cleaning  products in your home. Run-off from these products contaminates groundwater and is hazardous for animals and our ecosystem.

Personal CareEvery day we use an abundance of products as part of our personal care routines and often don’t think twice about the contents of these products.  Purple Essentials create and prepare our fresh and natural, pure and simple products, in an effort to help you reduce your exposure to the toxic and harmful chemicals that abound in so many of the personal care products out there.

  • Stick to plant based and organic ingredients.  Keep in mind that the cosmetics industry is currently not required to prove an ingredient is safe for human health before it is used in a consumer product.

  • You might be surprised to hear that lipstick contains lead and that common antiperspirant and shampoos contain chemicals linked to cancer. These chemicals are toxic and we are smearing them all over our bodies unaware of the long term affects. Environmental Defence reports that over 1 700 cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting, and allergy-inducing substances have been banned or restricted in European personal care products. But, many of these same harmful substances can still be found in Canadian products, our bodies and the environment.  There's lead in your lipstick - link
  • Take a few minutes to lookup some of your everyday products… now consider what a difference you can make to your health, your families health and our environment, by switching to a natural version of that product.  Click here to search your products.

ActivityWe tend to be a “plugged-in” and gas guzzling society.  For all of the time we spend “connected” with computers, television, gaming, and in some mode of transportation, this lessens our activity level, limits our connection to each other and our environment.  It takes some thought, effort and planning to unplug from our energy habits.   It can be done :)

  • Make a list of the things you've been putting off and could be doing instead of watching TV, streaming video or using Facebook. Post it where you will see it often and choose an activity from the list each day!
  • Try an active version of “getting there”.  Walk/run when possible, ride a bike, car pool through the week.

  • Do a personal inventory of all the places you go in a given week; your workplace, school grocery store, clubs, family and friends’ homes. How many of these places can you get to by choosing a more active method like walking or cycling?

Whatever you decide to do on this Earth Day... and beyond...  Everyone will appreciate your efforts
 as we all share the Earth.

Live Purple!

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