Tuesday, July 2

Opening Weekend at Fort Henry

Our view from Fort Henry Trade Square ~ BREATH TAKING!  It is such a beautiful spot to be spending time... enjoying a drink or meal, while listening to live music on the Battery Bistro Patio (overlooking Lake Ontario) and browsing the variety of personable artisan vendors.  If you are in Kingston or even passing through, during the month of July, we hope you will pop by to visit us and take in all that Fort Henry Trade Square has to offer :-) (here)

Here are some quick shots that were taken of our talented & charming "Casement Group" through opening weekend...

WELCOME... Come on in.

Rebecca Geoffrey Wearable Art (Look here)

RG Creations Wearable Art

Artist: Lindsey Fair (Encaustic Art - beeswax & beachglass)

Artist: Chaka Chikodzi (Zimbabwean-Canadian sculptor)

Whitney Haynes Designs (Look here)

Whitney Haynes Designs - Browse here

Greatest "helpers" ever!

Purple Essentials

Lovely Canada Day Shoppers

Selling a lot of Strawberry Body Scrubs & Natural Insect Repellent

Stop by and see us :-) 

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Live Purple!

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