Saturday, July 20

Fort Henry Trade Square - Continued...

Where have the weeks of July gone?  We have one more week up at Fort Henry Trade Square… Feeling a little “bitter sweet”… such a beautiful spot to spend time – meeting so many fantastic people (locals and tourists from all over the globe)… while, eager to get away in August for a much anticipated trip to BC!

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Whitney, Rebecca, Lindsey, along with our casement Neighbors - Dave & Marian, have brought much joy and laughter into our days/evenings up at Fort Henry :-)  There is something about being a part of this unique space and experience... all together.
Whitney Haynes hand-stamping her pieces (look here)

 Lindsey Fair - Encaustic (Beeswax) & Beach Glass Paintings

Dave Blair (The Stone Cutter) hand-cut stone jewelery & Marian Maple, copper & enamel pieces.
Enjoying the LIVE music, out in the square.
Battery Bistro Patio (look here)

The Fabulous Emily Fennel (here)

If you live in the area or planning a trip this way… stop by and visit, we would love to see you!  We will be keeping Trade Square hours until Sunday July 28th.  (Wed 10-8:30pm, Thurs 10-5:00pm, Fri 10-5:00pm, Sat 10-8:30pm, Sun 10-5:00pm).

Live Purple!

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