Tuesday, May 21

Natural Beauty Tips & Tricks

Looking for some quick, easy - pure and simple ways to help you look and feel your best... here are a few of my all-time favourites.

Shiny hair and healthy scalp - Apple Cider Vinegar - Rinse your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar to add shine & luster to hair, while helping to balance sebum production of your scalp (added bonus helps to relieve dry, itchy scalp).

Directions: Mix 1/3 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with 3 cups of warm water.  Rinse through wet hair and work into scalp.  Allow to sit for 2 minutes.  Shampoo and condition hair as usual (applying before you shampoo helps to ensure that you will not have a lingering pickled/vinegar scent).

Tighten & tone skin - Egg white face, neck, chest mask -  using this mask helps to temporarily tighten loose skin and reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines
(great to use before an event).  Used weekly it can help to keep pores clean and tight.

Directions:  Beat 1 egg white with a fork, until slightly frothy (organic egg if available).

After cleansing your face, spread egg white over face, neck and chest, using clean fingers or mask brush.  You may choose to add a few drops of lemon juice to the egg white, before applying, to brighten your skin.  *Note: an egg white may seem tiny, but it's more than enough to make at least three masks. So plan to share. **Do not use if you have any sensitivity to eggs.

Leave mask on until it has dried, 15-20 minutes (you will feel your skin tighten up). Rinse off with warm water and washcloth... follow with moisturizer.

Moisturize and balance skin - Honey - Great for all skin types, especially helpful with dry, itchy or blemished skin with it's antibacterial and hydrating properties ... apply a light layer of Natural Honey (local, all natural) to face and neck (anywhere that needs some added moisture and toning) - leave on for 10 mins and wash off with a cotton cloth and warm water.

Visit this link to read more about Fresh & Natural Mask Ingredients.

Smooth, close shave with soft regrowth - Shaving Oils provide a smooth, close and moisturizing shave while helping to prevent nicks and cuts. Using a natural shaving oil can also prevent dryness and irritation that often follow a close shave.  A natural blend of botanical oils can help to reduce hair regrowth by causing it to grow in softer and finer = softer stubble-time.

Directions: In the shower or bath, apply a light layer of oil, evenly, to wet skin (ie. size of a quarter for each leg).  Then shave as usual.  Rinsing the razor under warm/hot running water, every few strokes.

For additional shaving information  (Info applies to all forms of shaving).

These tried and true Tips & Tricks will help you to look and feel your best - saving you time so you can get outside and enjoy the warmer weather.

Have you tried any of these tips & tricks?  Or, perhaps, you have one of your own to share?

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Thursday, May 9

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