Monday, April 29

Our Spring Retreat

As a busy, entrepreneurial couple we may feel the need to escape often but, in reality, the opportunities are well spaced out.  Spring arriving, paired with a few important factors falling into place, we decided this was THE time for us to step away from our desks and the studio for a couple days and head to one of our favourite places for ... Purple Essentials' 1st official Spring Retreat!

We headed off to Prince Edward County on a chilly morning (Still only 5C)... with a goal of some much needed R&R, brainstorming and planning.  Anything else would be icing on the cake.

Can you tell we are excited about our Spring Retreat?!

We booked our favourite suite at Huff Estates Winery, where some relaxing reading, computer work and nature time was enjoyed!

Earth Day Moon

Some of Purple Essentials' greatest brainstorming and planning sessions have happened here ;-)

Our 1st official Spring Retreat is now behind us, and what a wonderful experience and success it was!
(Looking forward to next year's - and bringing along additional members of our Purple team).

Now that we are back and seeing LIFE & Purple Essentials with fresh eyes - I have to say...
Get ready world... BIG, Wonderful things are ahead for us, and from us :-)

Wishing you a fulfilling week ~

Live Purple!

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