Thursday, March 21

Life lately...

I feel like I lost my "Blogging Voice" over the past couple of months.  Lot's going on, as usual - but for some reason I have felt a little "tongue tied".
Let's start again, shall we...  Hi, My name is Christine and welcome to my blog :-)

It has been awhile since I have posted any NEWS about what has been going on around here...

Spring weather is right around the corner. (I say this with a sly smirk, as the 1st official day of Spring has passed, yet it is still snowing here.  Enough snow already...  Bring on SPRING!).
It is time we begin thinking about preparing our skin for the skin-baring warmer weather.
(Coming soon - Spring Clean Your Skin)


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Thank you for visiting ~ Come back soon - More blog posts ahead!! 

Live Purple!

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