Saturday, February 2

Ways to fight the Winter Blues

Feeling kind of blah?  ... could be the Winter Blues.  The trick is to stay busy and keep active.

The cool temperatures (or down right bone-chilling) paired with the lack of mood elevating sunshine at this time of the year, make cocooning and hibernating much more attractive than venturing outdoors.

Try to find things that interest you.  Get out there!  You will be glad you did... before Cabin Fever sets in.

Some of my favourite ways to ... Fight Those Winter Blues:

Hiking - visit a local conservation area and explore.  Dress accordingly and take some bird seed to feed the chickadees. Some conservation areas actually rent cross country skis, skates and snow shoes ... Great trails

Theater - local theater troops offer an entertaining escape. Check here to see what's going on in YGK

Brunch - find a local brunch spot and sip your coffee while enjoying the food offerings, knowing you are not on dish duty. Longtime favourite

Night Away - book a night away at an Inn or Hotel in your area.  Many offer affordable Winter pricing and fantastic last minute deals.  A change of scenery can do wonders for  those Winter blah feelings.  Great place to escape to is Huff Estates in Prince Edward County

Pamper Time - create a Winter skin soothing experience in your home - try this Banana Avocado Facial Mask (skin-soothing-avocado-facial-mask) & Hair Mask (avocado-banana-hair-repair-mask)

Aromatherapy - essential oils can help to uplift your mood and balance your body systems.  Great aromatherapy oils for battling the Winter Blues are citrus based oils. Look here.  Essential oils work exceptionally well when used in a diffuser Like These

What do you do to battle those Winter Blahs?

Live Purple!

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