Sunday, February 24

The Beauty of Body Butter

Winter can rub your skin the wrong way... dry itchy skin is the main concern of many these days.  The key is applying a nourishing and rich moisturizer daily.

Purple Essentials Mango Body Butter is a magnificent moisturizer, that is can easily aid your daily personal care routine in a variety of ways. It is a delicious and decadent treat for your skin - packed full of skin nourishing nutrients and emollients, that provide deep hydration and lasting effects.

A pure & simple blend of;
  • Mango Butter
  • Beeswax
  • Virgin Coconut Creme
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Carrot Tissue Oil
  • Premium essential oils of Sweet Orange, Vanilla, Benzoin, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon.

This product has a butter like consistency, and melts with the heat of your skin. It is a waterless formula, which provides a longer shelf life and highly concentrated product.

To use: remove a small amount of the Mango Body Butter from container with a clean utensil (keeping fingers and contaminates out of the product helps to protect it's shelf life and nourishing properties). Melt in your palm, by rubbing hands together and massage into skin, allow 1 minute for skin to absorb butter and wipe away any excess before dressing.

There are multiple benefits
to using
such a nutrient-rich skin softener;

  • Provides rich moisture and deep hydration to the skin.
  • Helps to restore youthful glow to skin.
  • Soothing and anti-inflammatory (helps with rashes, bug bites, itchy skin...).
  • Healing properties for numerous skin conditions (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis...).
  • Improves skin's elasticity (great for preventing stretch marks).
  • Contains a natural UV protection.
  • Helpful to young and old, even pets.

Along with a multitude of uses; 

  • Body moisturizer - apply following bathing, while skin is still damp, to lock in moisture, or apply to areas as needed.
  • Softens cuticles and helps to prevent hang nails.
  • Condition nails, prevents brittle and dry nail bed.
  • Relieves redness and scaling on skin.
  • Softens and repairs dry patches (elbows, heels...).
  • Provides an effective moisturizing treatment to hands & feet, when used at night, while your body is in "Rest & Repair Mode" -Simply massage Body Butter into hands/feet, slip a cotton sock over each hand/foot... when you awake in the morning... viola!  Throw the socks into the laundry and enjoy your smooth skin.
  • Make up remover - spread a light layer over makeup, wait 30 seconds and wipe away.
  • Ideal for facial massage.
  • Deep conditioner for dry hair - comb through ends.
  • Soothing after-shave, leg soother. 
  • Relieves sun and wind burn.
  • Dab a small amount on your lips for a conditioning treatment and gloss.
  • Helps tame frizzy hair - pull small amount through as a pomade.
  • Mix a small amount of Mango Body Butter with some of your favourite mineral foundation. Mix together on the back of your hand.  Use less mineral foundation in the mixture for a sheer coverage and add more for increased coverage.  Once you arrive at the desired coverage - apply and buff with a makeup brush to remove any streaks.  Blot with tissue and set with a dusting of translucent powder.

The beauty of Body Butter... you just never know how many ways you will find to use and enjoy it.

Purple Essentials  Mango Body Butter - available in 12 g (6$) or 65 g tube (22$) or 120 g jar (36$).

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Saturday, February 16

Chapped Winter Lips - 5 Tips & Tricks

Cold, Winter weather can leave you with dry flaky lips...

Soft and pink lips are an important part to a healthy and alluring smile. Nurturing your lips is just as important as caring for the rest of your skin. Lips need regular hydration from the inside and out, as they don't have many natural defenses of their own and can be damaged from the dehydrating effects of; the elements, petroleum-based lip products and a lack of water in the body. 

Keep your lips looking and feeling their best
with these simple tips

Tip #1  Drink 1-3 litres of water, daily.  Staying hydrated from the inside will help to keep your body systems running smoothly, and help to keep your skin and lips from drying out.  Quick and easy way to give you an idea of just how much water you should be drinking
Click here . (Divide your water intake up throughout the day - do not drink all at once). 

Tip #2  Moisturize and protect your lips, all year long.  Apply a natural lip balm with an SPF factor of 30 or higher, before stepping out into the elements.  This will help to protect your lips from the sun, wind, acid rain, heat and cold.(All Natural Lip Butter)

Tip #3  Don't be a "habitual lip licker".  Many of us have been in the habit of licking or chewing on our lips, at one time or another = ouch! The result is often red, irritated, chapped lips.  Saliva contains digestive enzymes that can break down the protective barrier of your lips, skin. Solution - keep your lips moist with a soothing lip balm... apply as often as needed to keep moist.  Once again natural lip butter is best.  You are going to be licking those lips and ingesting much of what is on them. (Some drug store brands actually have specific chemicals in the lip balm that can dry out your lips.  Which means, you will be back to purchase more sooner than later).

Tip #4  Optimize your beauty sleep by incorporating a humidifier into your bedroom.  Turn on your humidifier before you retire for the evening (be sure to change or clean the filter regularly).  This will help to replace moisture in the air, which will benefit your lips, skin, hair and immune system.

Tip #5  Use a nourishing Lip Polish to remove dry skin -  Apply 1-2 times per week.  This treatment will help remove dead and dry skin, while moisturizing and nourishing your lips.

Try this fresh & natural - pure & simple
(very PURPLE)

Sugar & Honey Lip Polish - Two ingredients are all you will need to prepare this very effective (yummy) lip treatment. Honey is a "flavourable" alternative to petro-based products (think Vaseline etc...) It acts a moisturizer, lubricant, soothing anti-inflammatory agent. While the sugar crystals create a gentle exfoliating effect. Helping to remove dry, chapped skin.  Just think, if you happen to ingest some of this lip polish, no harm - no foul. Just mmmm mmmm good.

Directions:  Combine 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon sugar (white or brown) ... in a small, sterile container. Mix together until it has a smooth consistency. Add a couple of drops of olive or vegetable oil for more glide, if needed. *Do not heat honey as this can cause the sugar granules to melt and render them less effective.

Apply with a clean finger: To dry lips and gently massage in circular motion.
Leave lip polish on lips for 1 minute and then wipe off with warm wash cloth. 
Finish off with a dab of honey, to your smooth lips. (honey also acts as a natural humectant, pulling moisture from the air to your lips).

* Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.  Discard if it begins to separate or changes scent.

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Monday, February 4

Valentine's Day Ahead

Wait, it’s February 11th already?! You know what that means: Valentine’s Day is just 3 short days away. Time to start planning...

What does Valentine’s day mean to you?

Valentine’s Day is an “all or nothing” kind of holiday… a day that you can either love or dread.  When you have a special someone, it can be a day that is filled with gestures of love and affection. If you have young children, chances are, they are into the Valentine’s Day splendour, sparking you to be excited - marking it in a special way.  But if you are solo or going through a romantic drought, "V" Day can bring out the Valentine’s Grump.

We understand that some people do not get overly excited about Valentine's Day, as it can often be filled with expectations and pressure to purchase just the right gift.

That's where we come in ... Purple Essentials believes that Valentine's day can be enjoyable for all! We will make it easy for you to show your appreciation and find your special someone a thoughtful gift ... Fresh & Natural pampering goodies for everyone. See our Valentine's gift ideas. It's also a great time to treat yourself and avoid the Valentine's Grump :-)
*Remember - Free local delivery

"If you know love ~ show love"

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Saturday, February 2

Ways to fight the Winter Blues

Feeling kind of blah?  ... could be the Winter Blues.  The trick is to stay busy and keep active.

The cool temperatures (or down right bone-chilling) paired with the lack of mood elevating sunshine at this time of the year, make cocooning and hibernating much more attractive than venturing outdoors.

Try to find things that interest you.  Get out there!  You will be glad you did... before Cabin Fever sets in.

Some of my favourite ways to ... Fight Those Winter Blues:

Hiking - visit a local conservation area and explore.  Dress accordingly and take some bird seed to feed the chickadees. Some conservation areas actually rent cross country skis, skates and snow shoes ... Great trails

Theater - local theater troops offer an entertaining escape. Check here to see what's going on in YGK

Brunch - find a local brunch spot and sip your coffee while enjoying the food offerings, knowing you are not on dish duty. Longtime favourite

Night Away - book a night away at an Inn or Hotel in your area.  Many offer affordable Winter pricing and fantastic last minute deals.  A change of scenery can do wonders for  those Winter blah feelings.  Great place to escape to is Huff Estates in Prince Edward County

Pamper Time - create a Winter skin soothing experience in your home - try this Banana Avocado Facial Mask (skin-soothing-avocado-facial-mask) & Hair Mask (avocado-banana-hair-repair-mask)

Aromatherapy - essential oils can help to uplift your mood and balance your body systems.  Great aromatherapy oils for battling the Winter Blues are citrus based oils. Look here.  Essential oils work exceptionally well when used in a diffuser Like These

What do you do to battle those Winter Blahs?

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