Friday, January 4

Fresh start

Welcome back!  I hope that you have stayed well and enjoyed a fantastic, revitalizing time through the holidays, with people whom you adore.

I would like to start off the year with deep thanks and sincere gratitude to you, for taking time to visit here :)  I am always thankful for your support and comments.

Please forgive my blogging absence.  The lead up to Purple Essentials' Holiday Shopping Event (Pic from SNAP Kingston - Thank you Calvin White!) and Christmas became a whirlwind of tasks + activities... and then came The Terrible Trio of Winter Bugs (I will spare you the details) that created a mini "technology detox" time for me.  You know you are sick when no form of technology/media is appealing or doable. 

The New Year brings with it a fresh start ~ new beginnings and often various resolutions.  Have you made any?  I have come to learn that "Intentions" are more my style (Definition:
an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result).

This year I have decided to focus my intentions on :
Balance (in all areas) ~ Nurture (others & myself) ~ Focus (on things that really matter)... in hopes of creating a Calm & Fulfilling day to day LIFE (fingers crossed).

I will continue to dream BIG (is there any other way?) and be thankful for each joy experienced.  On that note:  As a family we have decided to adopt a new tradition. (I am sure many of you have come across this on Facebook, Pinterest etc.)

 We are starting a JOY JAR.  You take a large empty jar and everyone in the family fills it with notes, throughout the year, about GOOD THINGS that happen... then next NYE we will empty the jar and read each note, remembering all of the joy that came to us through that year.

I am very eager and excited for many BIG dreams (yours & mine) that will be coming true in 2013!

"Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters"  - Margaret Peters

Wishing you a wondrous new year, filled with all that really matters to you most.

I highly recommend:  "Intentions" post, by Say Yippie. While you are there take a minute to look at this post and watch the video.

Live Purple!

Coming soon:  Purple Essentials Winter Promotions

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