Saturday, December 1

14 days to Holiday Shopping Event

With only 14 days until Purple Essentials Holiday Shopping Event... The pressure is on :)

Invites have been handed out... Labels have been designed, printed and are in the mail... Soap has been made, unmolded and cut... now curing on the soap shelves.
It does smell exceptionally good in the studio these days!

The beginning of a soap batch...
Black Licorice Soap - Anise, Sweet Orange & Peppermint
So much quicker & easier to cut, with trusty soap cutter
Smells just like black licorice... We have a waiting list for this one :)
Ginger Mint & Lime with Midnight Blue Poppy Seeds
Soap Shelf 1
Lavender Sage Soap with Purple Cornflowers
Soap Shelf 2

So much to accomplish in the 14 days ahead, it will be 2 weeks of day & night "studio dwelling" for me (not complaining as I do love it).  Though experience from previous "busy times" reminds me that getting out for a speed-hike through the woods, a Cinnamon Dolce Latte here & there, keeping in touch with my social life-lines (even if it is only through social media for a bit) and eating healthy will make all the difference :) Fingers crossed. 

THANK YOU for visiting the blog and I hope that you will stop by our Holiday Shopping Event.  Info Here

Wishing you a wonderful weekend~

Live Purple!

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