Monday, October 22

Family Time

There really isn't anything that compares to some quality family time.  2 weeks ago our eldest son came home from University for Thanksgiving weekend. Sunday morning, the four of us got up and out of the house early, stopped for road-trip necessities (perfect time for a Cinnamon Dolce Latte) and headed out to beautiful Prince Edward County.  We rode the Glenora Ferry and then drove around the perimeter of the south shoreline... sight seeing and reminiscing - it is one of my all-time favourite places to be (any day of the year) -  I have taken the boys on this "tour" yearly, since they were in car seats... and they teasingly reminded me of how I used to bribe them to "enjoy the ride".  Now they have cell phones and Ipods to distract them...while we enjoy the drive :).

The leaves were just beginning to turn a stunning  golden and crimson hue. The smell of Autumn (fresh & crisp) was everywhere.  Bushels of apples, baskets of squash and all sizes of pumpkins were on display.

Along our way we stopped at a deserted pebble beach and had some fun skipping rocks and laughing... at "my girly throw".  Toured a vineyard.  Enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner by a roaring fire... Such a great day!

The sound of my family talking and laughing together, warms and fills my heart!  There is a joyful simplicity when we are all together like that, that puts everything into perspective :)

I hope that you have all been enjoying these gorgeous Fall days.  Thank you for visiting  ~ Stay tuned, Purple Essentials UPDATES coming soon...

Live Purple!

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