Tuesday, September 18

Loving a rainy day! 25% off extended


I don't know how you feel about the current weather situation... but I am LOVING this rainy day!  I find the rain so refreshing, calming and helpful in keeping me indoors and focused on my work for the day :) 

As you may be aware, the new Purple Essentials site has launched and I am happy to share that we are enjoying many great reviews and comments.  I believe that we have managed to work out most of the glitches, but if you happen to come across a typo or link that doesn't work - please do let us know.

In an effort to provide competitive shipping rates we have changed our shipping cost from $12 to $10 for Canadian orders and will continue to offer free local shipping (See here for details).   (Thank you Aliya).  As we are able to secure even more economical shipping rates, we look forward to passing additional saving along to our customers. * Free Shipping on all orders over $100.

Over the weekend I was in the studio whipping up FRESH batches of the following - each a "Cozy Autumn" treat;

Orange & Rosemary Facial Cleanser (Look here)

Vanilla Tangerine Body Scrub (Look here)

Comfort Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles (Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, Clove) (Look here)

Inspire Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candles (Ginger Grass, Cardamom, Sweet Orange) (Look here)

More FRESH batches ahead... Orange Spice Soap, Citrus & Sage Whipped Body Creme and Rejuvenating Serum...

Our celebratory 25% off pricing promotion
will remain in effect until this Saturday  September 22nd!

I hope that you are enjoying your Tuesday - wishing you all a wonderful week.

Live Purple!

Wednesday, September 12

NEW website has launched!!

Our New Website Has Officially Launched, Finally!

After some unforeseen challenges, a family crisis and some major stress … (definitely a “when it rains it pours” experience).

I am excited & pleased to announce that our NEW Purple Essentials website has officially launched!  (I am doing the dance of joy!)

We have designed our layout

  •  with simplicity (a Pure and Simple feel)

  •   ease of use

  •  and a strong focus on content delivery 

 in mind

  •  along with a secure shopping cart

The 25% off promotion will be extended until Sept 19th, to make up for our late day launch.

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website, 
and please feel free to send us any 
comments or feedback you may have.

I hope to write a post about our website journey … in the near future… once things settle down.

Live Purple!

Saturday, September 8

25% off all online orders - Website Launch Special!!!

The day is almost here ... September 12
Purple Essentials' Official Website Launch!!

For months and months now, we have been working on creating our new "Home on the Web" - an e-commerce website to showcase our hand-crafted, fresh & natural personal care products, made from only pure and simple ingredients ... and, we are finally finished!

To celebrate the launch, we are offering a number of AMAZING incentives, created to help integrate Purple products into your personal care routine:
  • 25% off all online orders - One week only - September 12-18 Simply enter the ishoppurple code into the promo code box on our shopping cart page before checkout. 
  •  "Follow Us" for a FREE $5 Online Gift Certificate (read
  • WE PAY THE TAX - September 12 to October 12 - save an additional 13% for the first month of our website launch. 
  • Free shipping on all orders over $100 to anywhere in Canada* 
  • Free Local Delivery** on orders over $25
*Canada Post Expedited Shipping - total of $100 after all discounts applied
**Local Delivery is defined in our Shipping Policy, viewed here

For those just now discovering Purple Essentials ... Welcome!!

Purple Essentials combines the natural science of aromatherapy with pure and simple ingredients from around the world, to offer you fresh & natural products with long lasting benefits

Each one of our personal care products is handcrafted in small batches, using nourishing ingredients and pure essential oils.   Our extensive line of natural products includes something for everyone ... including a recently released line of premium Baby products. 

Allow us to help balance your skin, senses and well-being ... 
Shop Purple - Live Purple!

Sunday, September 2

Growing through experience ...

Experience leads to growth -  At least that has been my reality.  Some amazing, soul-touching experiences have lead to deep personal growth that I could not have anticipated or planned for... while other more difficult, soul-testing experiences have lead to a respective growth that, in spite of the sometimes agonizing and uncomfortable path, I now truly appreciate and view in a positive light.  Well, this Summer has been filled with a variety of experiences that have certainly elicited personal growth around here.

For example, our experience participating in the 4th annual Kingston Women's Expo was a busy, motivating and fulfilling one.  Pulling everything together in time for the big day was a challenge. The design and printing of banners, business cards and promotional materials - booth creation and preparation - product production - packaging and labelling - transportation and set up... Everything came together and we met so many wonderful, vibrant people. Sales were impressive but more importantly, throughout the day we were wowed by the number of people who took the time to come out and tell us just how much they enjoy Purple Essentials products!  It was so touching, and something that I will always remember...  and at the end of the day it was a great experience.

10 x 10 Booth

Another experience that has lead (still leading to...) personal growth for our family members ... sending our eldest son off to university in the exciting, big city of Toronto.  Truly a bittersweet and surreal feeling of "proud & sad".  Long story short; the build up, the anticipation, the planning, the preparations, the packing, the discussions "now remember....", all culminated together on this past Sunday as we embarked on our sunny journey to TO, our vehicle packed to capacity.  We arrived to a bumper-to-bumper lineup that began 2 streets before reaching the "unloading zone" for new students moving into residence.

100's of people unloading their belongings from vehicles onto the sidewalk, to wait for carts to load up and then into a line that snaked through the courtyard for 2 and a half hours (while a DJ pumped out tune after tune to help make the time "enjoyable").  Anxious students and parents waited patiently to reach the front of the elevator line, toting boxes and boxes of clothes, electronics and keepsakes from home ... packed into a single elevator compartment, headed skyward to to claim a room ...  unpacked, with a long goodbye.

I had put some long, careful thought and planning into my son's departure for University, intending to make it as emotionally manageable as possible. But, I can now say that I became an unwitting victim of the disconnect between my brain and my heart.  My brain thought of every reason he should go and experience post secondary education away from the comfort of home; a great pride in his achievement - while my heart maintained that it couldn't possibly be time for him to be off on his own.  Well, this experience has pushed my "mothering comfort zone" way out of whack.  I was not prepared for the sense of loss and concern I have been feeling since we dropped him off to start this chapter in his life. This change is much more difficult than I anticipated (yes, I realize he is not that far away...). While assured by other wise parents, who have endured the transition, that I will feel better quickly, I am nonetheless cognizant of the emotional "tug of war" of growing through experience ... most importantly for my Son, but also for my family, and myself.  

Embrace your experiences!

Wishing you all a pleasure-filled wrap up to such a splendid Summer.  I hope you have made many special memories to tuck away in your Summer of 2012 file. 

Countdown is now officially on!!  

10 days until the launch of our NEW website.  I for one could not be more excited :)   Still a few pages to finish writing, the entire site will need a final edit and all links will need to be tested... but we are confident that we will have it ready to launch on September 12th.

Live Purple!