Sunday, July 22

Sunset and Fireflies

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us". —-Alexander Graham Bell.

Last Thursday promised to be a wonderful day.  We awoke to a sweet Summer breeze, birds singing and everyone under our roof in a happy mood.  As the day progressed, our family was (I thought/imagined) eagerly looking forward to an evening under the stars, watching a movie (The 3 Amigos) in Market Square (all together)... a tradition that has been on-going each Summer.  Turns out, I was the lone soul who was keenly looking forward to the planned activity.  Teenage boys had bigger plans and did not want to "sit outside and watch an old movie" with their parents and 100+ other folks.  Meanwhile, my wonderful husband had gotten "into the zone" with website tasks and was not very interested in going either.  I will admit, I was disappointed and slightly pouty... where had my fun-family gone??

I decided to take a solitary dusk-walk through the woods and am sooooo very glad that I did!  The experience was breathtaking and these pics taken with my trusty cell phone, don't manage to do it justice.  The sultry breeze (after days of extreme heat and humidity), the harmony of sounds (birds, frogs, crickets), the welcoming scents of Summer... and then, there were the ever-changing hues and colours in the sky!  Every trail I took - each change in direction, paired with the passing of seconds, altered all that I was seeing and experiencing. The scenery, light and colours were breathtaking!  I have a feeling that experience was "my consolation prize".

... and then came the fireflies!!!  Bunches of joyful fireflies, flickering through the dimming light... Pure Joy Moments, when you least expect them.

 Hoping you enjoyed a wonderful weekend, with some Pure Joy Moments of your own :)

Coming up... Men's Grooming

Live Purple!

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