Wednesday, July 25

Men and the 15 Year Skin-Age Difference

Part 1 - Male Grooming

As you most surely have noticed, a man’s skin is different from a woman’s.  Aside from the most obvious ... thicker skin and course hair follicles ... there are other gender related factors that play a part.  In fact, many dermatologists proclaim that these factors are responsible for a man’s skin looking and acting about 15 years younger than the skin of a woman the same age.  Lucky guys!

Testosterone is the culprit behind their thicker (a man's skin is approximately 25% thicker than a woman’s), hairy complexion. And, compared to women, these manly men also have increased sebum (natural oils) and collagen concentrations in their skin, over women.  So what?  Well, sebum works to keep skin soft and supple, while collagen content is directly linked to the signs of skin-aging - advantage men! 

However, studies show that, in general, men tend to be less conscientious about protecting their skin from sun and environmental damage; they are less-likely to apply (without nagging) SPF sunscreens and moisturizers.  In these cases, UV damage from the sun can add years of wear to a man's skin (lines, wrinkles, pigmentation spots), essentially negating the benefit of slowed innate aging.  This could be a factor in why the 15 year skin-age difference is not easily distinguished by the eye. 

Up next: Shaving that handsome face...

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