Friday, June 8

Terrific Thursday!

Everyone has a favourite day of the week.  For some it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, as they all are a part of weekend-time.  A select few favour Monday with it's fresh beginnings.  Others prefer Tuesday or Wednesday, as they fall after Monday has been survived.  For me, Thursday is my favourite day of the week.  This Thursday proved itself to be another "Terrific Thursday"...

We received more orders for Purple Essentials products - word travels fast :)

I Enjoyed a relaxing, afternoon, pedicure with a cherished gal-pal and her lovely Mother.

Attended a moving and inspiring Art Exhibit - Women of East Africa, with my precious Mom and gal-pal.
(Heather Haynes is such a talented and visionary artist - brilliant pieces with portions of the proceeds going to such a worthy cause).

Got to see (and share warm hugs) with many fabulous women, who I hadn't had the pleasure of socializing with, in awhile - and met some new creative personalities.

Added 2 gorgeous pieces, to my small but sentimental jewelry collection. (Thank you Whitney Haynes - you are so talented).

* You can view and experience these exceptional sister's art @ their new location:  Heather Haynes Gallery.  318 King St, East. Kingston, ON. or online and

Shared an impromptu dinner and giggles, with my Mom on Le Chein Noir's tucked away, courtyard terrace.  Delicious!  (While watching the talented Suzy Lamont's photo shoot, nearby).

And when I arrived home, I was thrilled to find that some goodies had arrived!  You see, we have always cut soap bars by hand/eye - attempting to cut to the perfect weight and shape... not so quick and easy.  In order to render our soap making and cutting, more consistent and efficient, we decided to invest in 2 small, but mighty pieces of equipment. (Goodbye odd pieces of soap - Hello uniform cuts, in one mighty slice).

Soap Cutter

Soap Molds

Ended the day with big hugs from my magnificent boys - Life is great :)

I hope you Enjoyed a Terrific Thursday - Have a Fabulous Friday -Experience a Wonderful Weekend!

Live Purple!

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