Monday, June 25

Keep bugs away - Natural Insect Repellent

Summer can be a glorious time, filled with various outdoor activities and loads of fun!  It can also be a season when we spend some of our valuable time, money and efforts - trying to avoid pesky insects - their bites and stings. 

Now you can enjoy the great outdoors
and protect your skin with 

Purple Essentials'
New Insect Repellent 
Natural Blend Bug Spray
100% Natural and DEET Free.

4oz bottle $14

Contains an effective blend of pure essential oils (citronella, basil, clove, lavender, eucalyptus and rose geranium) , in a skin soothing aloe vera juice base, that naturally deter insects. 

100% Natural

Eco Friendly

Non Toxic

Safe to use on children and pets

* A blend that helps to mask the "attractive" scent of lactic acid that our skin naturally emits and bugs enjoy.  Creating a deterrent that insects will actually avoid.  Shake well before applying and reapply every 2-3 hours.

Purple Essentials Natural Insect Repellent - click here

Live Purple!

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