Tuesday, June 5

Easy ways to Summer-Proof your makeup

Ladies, have you ever spent time applying your makeup, on a hot and humid day, only to catch a glimpse of your reflection later on, with makeup melting or melted away? Dewy fresh is one thing - oily mess is another...

In the Summer, applying makeup should be quick and easy, much like slipping into your favourite summer outfit.

In order for makeup to have staying-power on your face, through the heat and humidity, some beauty routine adjustments need to be made.

Tips and Tricks:  to avoid a makeup-meltdown
Begin by making sure you are using a non-drying cleanser on your skin.  A harsh formula can cause your skin to produce excess oil in an attempt to balance it’s moisture levels.  (Great choice, Purple Essentials Orange and Rosemary Facial Cleanser, suitable for all skin types - click here…)

Always use a Primer – apply following moisturizer and SPF - prior to foundation and concealer.  This is the KEY step to creating a long wearing look.  Primers are formulated to be light on the skin, smooth out the texture of the skin and create a base for makeup and colour pigments to adhere to. * To make your own natural (silicone free) primer - cut a small section (1/4" off leaf tip) off an Aloe Vera plant, remove the plant's clear gel, by scraping or squeezing.  Smooth a small amount over face and allow to absorb for a couple of minutes - if you have oily skin, you can apply a light dusting of Arrowroot Flour or Cornstarch - and then follow with makeup, or leave as is.

Less is more through the Summer months.  Just like you wear lighter, more breathable fabrics - it’s time to use lighter and sheer makeup. You might enjoy a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tones and complexion. If you prefer to have more coverage, you can apply a powder foundation on top of the tinted moisturizer, all over or only to specific areas.  * Natural/mineral makeup can help to even out skin tones while creating light (long lasting) coverage, allowing the skin to breathe.

Get in the habit of carrying “Oil Blotting Papers” with you. Sometimes with all of your efforts, some shine can still show through.  Reapplying layers of powder can cause skin and makeup to look “cakey” and uneven.  Blotting Papers are a quick and easy way to absorb any excess oil, while not messing up your makeup. (Remember to BLOT not WIPE).  * Natural Blotting Papers - Click here

To keep EYE makeup from melting away, begin with a dusting of translucent powder.  Pat powder onto eye lids before applying any eye makeup, allow to sit for 10 seconds to absorb excess oil and create a base, then dust off excess with a large fluffy brush and follow with eye shadows and liner.  * A dusting of arrowroot flour or rice powder is effective - both are vegan and gluten free.

When applying eye shadows, you can dampen your shadow brush with water and apply shadows, for a glaze that will last longer than dry powder.  * Create liner using damp thin brush in darker colours.  (Avoid Kohl liners on hot and humid days or nights, it tends to melt away, finding it's way into nooks and fine lines... and away from your eye).

To create longer lasting colour on cheeks, apply a creamy blush vs. powder blush. The creamy consistency will create some longevity on your cheeks. * Tap onto apple of cheek using your ring finger, then blend in circular motion.

Lighter lip products are the way to go (save the lipsticks for cooler months).   Lip pencils with some gloss can create a fresh lip look.  Apply a tinted gloss over top for added dimension. * Purple Essentials Lip Saver is an all natural way to nourish and add gloss to your lips. (Cocoa Mint Lip Saver:  An antioxidant rich blend of botanical oils, cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E. With essential oils of vanilla, peppermint. $7)

Recommended Natural Cosmetics: 

* Please note The Green Bath & Beauty Co. in Kingston, ON. carries the Pure Anada and Sappho Cosmetic lines - Visit Jada and she can help you to choose which products work best for you, or shop on line with the links below.

Making these minor beauty routine adjustments can help you avoid a makeup meltdown.

Live Purple!

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