Friday, June 29

Happy Canada Day Weekend

Wow, it is difficult to believe that it is already the end of June.  Time flies when you are having fun!  (New website still, under construction, but oh, so close - we are very excited! - looking forward to sharing it with you SOON).

We will be taking some time this weekend to celebrate being Canadian!  Maybe a trip to the Sandbank in beautiful Prince Edward County ... a chance to explore, swim, eat well, taste some wines and enjoy a little slice of Canada.

Whatever you do, wherever you are
~ wishing you a wonderful weekend :)

"With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free"

Live Purple!

Thursday, June 28

Clean Your Makeup Brushes, Naturally

When was the last time
you cleaned your makeup brushes? 
Last week, last month, last ??  Makeup brushes can make the difference between a messy and flawless makeup application.  They are one of the most useful items/tools that you can invest in for your beauty routine, and if you take good care of them, they can last for many years. 

Dirty makeup brushes can often be the cause of and contribute to a number of “skin issues”, and some itchy/sensitive eye reactions, as they harbour old makeup residue, dead skin cells, germs, dirt, toxins from sweat, oil, and bacteria...  So, if you have been having been experiencing blemishes, breakouts or even eye irritation - you might want to look back to the last time your makeup brushes and products were cleaned and disinfected.

Remember, dirty brushes can contaminate your skin along with the products that you are dipping them into. (continually transferring bacteria etc., back and forth - Yuck).  Using clean brushes will help to keep your complexion clear while providing smooth makeup application.

The easiest way to clean your makeup brushes naturally, of course, is to just use an organic/natural cleanser or shampoo (ie. Purple Essentials Organic Baby Wash or our SLS Free Shampoo) - whichever shampoo/cleanser you choose, make certain that it is a gentle/non-stripping formula.

How often?

Well, it actually depends on the brush.

A great rule of thumb is that any brush used on a liquid or creamy cosmetic (like concealer, foundation, eye primer, lipstick, cream eye shadow, etc.) should be wiped down daily.  Use a clean cloth wet with 1/2 + 1/2 vinegar and water (most natural option) or with alcohol or cleansing wipe.

For all other brushes, they should be lightly cleaned (using above method) every week – deep cleansed every 3-4 weeks, depending on how dirty they get. (Light cleaning and wipe downs, I usually try to do when I wash my face before bed, this allows them the time to dry overnight.  Deep cleaning – I try to do on Sunday evenings, when I will be doing a face mask – 2 birds with one stone…)

Important Tip - Make time to wipe down ALL of your makeup containers and the inside of your makeup case or bag at least once a week also.  *Whatever you do, DO NOT wipe down the handles of your makeup brushes with Rubbing Alcohol- it can discolour them! 

Deep Cleansing Directions:

1.  Dampen the bristles of each brush (bristles facing down) in lukewarm water.
2.  Gently rub small amount of cleanser into the bristles of the brush using the palm of your hand and fingers to thoroughly saturate the brush with cleanser.
3.  Drag the soapy bristles over a clean washcloth or paper towel to assist with the removal of build-up
4.  Rinse again under the faucet (bristles facing down) gently using your fingers to move the bristles around, until the water runs clean and clear.
5.  To dry, gently squeeze out the excess water, reshape the bristles and lay the brushes flat on a clean towel - with bristles hanging over a counter's edge, to keep them from flattening out while drying.  *Do not dry the brushes upright as water can seep back into the brush, thus compromising the strength of the glue holding the bristle in, and damage the handle.

Enjoy your clean brushes!  You may wonder why you hadn't cleaned them sooner, as they will work better and feel so soft on your skin :) 

Live Purple!

Monday, June 25

Keep bugs away - Natural Insect Repellent

Summer can be a glorious time, filled with various outdoor activities and loads of fun!  It can also be a season when we spend some of our valuable time, money and efforts - trying to avoid pesky insects - their bites and stings. 

Now you can enjoy the great outdoors
and protect your skin with 

Purple Essentials'
New Insect Repellent 
Natural Blend Bug Spray
100% Natural and DEET Free.

4oz bottle $14

Contains an effective blend of pure essential oils (citronella, basil, clove, lavender, eucalyptus and rose geranium) , in a skin soothing aloe vera juice base, that naturally deter insects. 

100% Natural

Eco Friendly

Non Toxic

Safe to use on children and pets

* A blend that helps to mask the "attractive" scent of lactic acid that our skin naturally emits and bugs enjoy.  Creating a deterrent that insects will actually avoid.  Shake well before applying and reapply every 2-3 hours.

Purple Essentials Natural Insect Repellent - click here

Live Purple!

Wednesday, June 20

Fabulously Fresh ~ Strawberry Body Polish

It’s that time of year again  ~  14 pounds of juicy fresh STRAWBERRIES have been picked, cleaned, and puréed (my hands might stay berry-stained-pink for a while).  Oh, how I wish you could smell the sweet scent throughout the studio!  (Imagine the freshest strawberry jam, you have ever enjoyed smelling… mmmm mmmm mmmm).

Pamper yourself with this
skin nourishing 
sense stimulating treat!

 Natural, Vegan, Gluten free

100% Fresh & Natural ~ Pure & Simple
Purple Essentials
Scrumptious Strawberry Body Polish
Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize
with this Sense-Stimulating product
 for incredibly soft and supple skin. 
Use in the bath, shower, or as a hand and foot scrub in a mani/pedi treatment.

Tip:  When you regularly exfoliate your skin with a natural scrub or polish, it becomes healthier in performance and appearance.  Once dead skin cells have been exfoliated, your body’s largest detoxification organ (skin) can work much more efficiently to flush out toxins and take in nourishment.  Skin becomes more even in appearance, is smoother to touch, and possesses a fresh, healthy glow. 

Ingredients & Benefits:
Strawberries - a nutrient rich, wonder fruit that add healthy benefits when included in your diet and when applied to your skin.  Packed with antioxidants that help to fight and eliminate free radicals (anti- ageing).  They contain;
·        High levels of Vitamin C – good for skin health
·        Omega fatty acids - anti-inflammatory, helps to prevent free radicals from forming and Damaging skin, helps skin to retain moisture.
·        Salicylic acids – help to remove dry, dead skin cells,
·        Ellagic Acid – helps to protect skin against the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Mango Butter – pressed from the mango fruit seed, offers;
·        Natural emollient properties
·        Wound healing, and regenerative
·        Protective effect against UV radiation
·        Reduces degeneration of skin cells and restores elasticity

Virgin crème de coco – It is extracted from fresh coconut milk, the most superior grade of coconut oil available.
·        Rich in vitamin E
·        Natural emollient with antioxidant characteristics
·        Rejuvenating and nourishing to skin cells
·        Exquisite, non-oily skin feel
·        Excellent skin absorption

Sunflower Oil – is produced from the seeds of the sunflower plant.
·        Rich source of Omega 6 essential fatty acids
·        Ideal for healing damaged skin and replacing natural lipids.
·        Excellent source for beta-carotene, Vitamin A. Can help reduce your risk of developing premature signs of ageing.

Sea Salt - is created by taking water from oceans and allowing the water evaporate to leave the salts behind;
·        Mineral and nutrient rich
·        Stimulates increased circulation
·        Antiseptic effects
·        Natural exfoliator
·        Encourage reduction in fluid retention

Cane Sugar – made from clarified cane juice boiled down to a crystalline solid.
·        Contains Glycolic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid, crucial for maintaining healthy skin.
·        Acts as a natural exfoliator.  Removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil that can clog and stretch pores
·        Does not clog pores
·        Helps to eliminate blemishes
·        Restores balance to skin’s oil production

This sweet treat for your skin and senses is only available for a limited time ... while supplies last. 

Hurry and order yours today  click here
+ free delivery (in Kingston, ON) on orders over $25

Live Purple!

Tuesday, June 19

Reduce your chemical exposure - today

The dreaded C word
Sitting in a well-trafficked, surgical waiting room the other day, anxiously listening for word regarding my Mother’s surgery... I was taken back 4 years, to her initial breast cancer diagnosis and surgery #1; the treatment, followup scans and biopsies, with everyone who adores her - holding our collective breath, waiting for each set of results. Then the shock and uncertainty that accompanied it all. Four happy years, seem to have flown by in the blink of an eye, and then came "suspicious results" from a routine test.
My mother is a caring and brave woman; who possesses a strong character, positive outlook, with a well rounded sense of humour... all traits that have helped her to cope well through her health ordeal, with grace.  She has been making lifestyle adjustments for years, in an effort to create a healthy environment for herself and her family.  Since her privileged induction into the growing group of "Cancer Survivors", she has adopted a "2nd Chance Attitude".   My mom has been living her life... seizing opportunities and opening up to fresh ideas. In a nutshell, she has invested her energy in things that she can change.  A good thing to come out of all of this... the entire experience has influenced and helped to shape our family's personal healthy practices as well as Purple Essentials' mission. It serves as added motivation in creating our healthful blends of fresh & natural products, each formulated with trusted ingredients, to help reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.

Toxins accumulate in our bodies
over time - throughout our lives...
Studies abound regarding the health effects that chemicals have on human health - specifically as they relate to:
  • cancer
  • autoimmune diseases
  • allergies
  • infertility
  • birth defects.
Along with the multitude of ways that these chemicals impact the land, air, and water.

The numbers are frightening, disheartening, overwhelming, and definitely cause for concern.

Scientists report that there are close to 100,000 chemicals used in products that consumers routinely purchase and use.  Of those chemicals, up to 85% have not been tested to show how they can affect human health.  In fact, very little testing has been documented on the effects of "chemical cocktails" that get created when we combine a variety of products.  These chemicals enter our body systems through absorption, inhalation, and ingestion.  Our cells are the foundation of our health, and chemical toxins can cause them to deteriorate and malfunction - often damaging or destroying them.  These toxic chemicals can cause our detoxification system,( ie: your liver, kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin) to work overtime and eventually, to breakdown. Recent cancer rates are as high as 1 out of every 2 people and chemical toxins are a leading cause.

You can reduce your toxic exposure by making changes in your diet and environment.
One simple way to take control of your chemical exposure, is to limit chemicals that can be absorbed and inhaled. Think about this; We each have our daily personal care routines... what products/chemicals does your's consist of? Soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shaving cream, body lotion, face cream, sunscreen, toothpaste? And ladies; foundation, concealer, blush, eye shadow and liner, mascara, lipstick, hairspray, perfume?? Those are just some of the products that are applied before we even leave the house and head out into the world. Look up how your favourite products rate for safety, here.

It isn't my intent to frighten you with this information, but I do hope to encourage you to make changes. Replace some (even many) of the chemical based products that you use regularly, with natural, chemical-free ones.

Just imagine how these changes can add up, to ease the chemical burden on you, your family, even our planet!

Less toxic exposure = less risk and improved health and wellness.

Tip: If the change seems overwhelming, take small steps. Begin by replacing 1 or 2 products in your day-to-day personal care routine. As you become more comfortable, remove additional chemical laden products and replace them with a healthy, natural option, that still suits your needs.

At Purple Essentials we are dedicated to providing pure and simple (PURPLE) products, created with a wealth of skin nourishing, botanical ingredients - that you can trust. We are continually developing fresh and natural products to enhance your healthy lifestyle.

My heart goes out to each of you who have been through - or are currently experiencing, any form of health crisis (personally or with a loved one).
As for my lovely Mother, she is recovering nicely and once again we hold our collective breath and wait...

We LOVE YOU Mom/Nanny  :)

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
-Maria Robinson

Live Purple!

Things have been a bit hectic around here as of late. Unfortunately blog posts have been a challenge to get to. Thank you for visiting the blog and for your patience :) New posts coming soon.

Sunday, June 17

To all you great DADs!

"Any MAN can be a Father, but it takes a special man to be a DAD" anonymous.


Live Purple!

Wednesday, June 13

Make DAD's Day

With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, Father's Day (Sunday June, 17th - only 4 days away) is the perfect time to treat DAD to some good old fashioned R&R, along with a thoughtful gift.  You can plan the R&R, while Purple Essentials is happy to and ready to, provide you with the thoughtful gift.

Celebrate DAD
for all he is and all he does.

Purple Essentials
Father's Day Gift Guide

Men's Shaving Elixir - Anti-ageing benefits.  Helps to hydrate and protect the skin, while softening and lifting facial hair, prior to shaving - for a close and comfortable shave. Contains a light, skin nourishing, blend of organic jojoba, apricot kernel, soy, grapeseed, virgin olive, castor bean and rice bran oils.  With essential oils of ho wood, benzoin, cardamom, clove, lavender, sage and spearmint.      4 oz. $26  *Great for all skin types.

Men's Post Shave Skin Soother - Razor burn relief.  Provides moisture while helping to soothe the skin following shaving.  Contains a skin nourishing blend of aloe vera juice, witch hazel, botanical hydrosols, vegetable glycerin and vitamin E.  With essential oils of ho wood, benzoin, cardamom, clove, lavender, sage and spearmint. (comes with spritzer top for easy application). 4 oz. $24

Men's Rejuvenating Serum - Antioxidant rich, Anti-ageing formula.  Effectively lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles while providing improved hydration and resilience to the skin.   A fortified blend of pure and organic botanical oils, evening primrose, carrot tissue, aloe vera juice and essential oils of ho wood, lavender, rose geranium, frankincense and jasmine. 1 oz. $58

Ginger Mint Body Scrub -  Manly spa in a jar. This exquisite blend will pamper and nourish the skin and senses. Luxurious blend of sea salt, botanical oils, cocoa butter, freshly ground ginger, midnight blue poppy seeds, with essential oils of spearmint and lime. 4 oz. $14

Soy Wax Aromatherapy Candles: When lit, these candles gently diffuse their exceptional and natural aromas to enhance the atmosphere around you. Each candle is created with clean burning soy wax, pure aromatherapy essential oils and a cotton wick. Hand poured into stylish and re-usable hand crafted artisan glass. Approximate burn time per candle 75 hours. $27 each

  • Fresh (lemongrass, may chang and sweet orange)
  • Embrace (rose geranium, ylang ylang and palma rosa)
  • Focus (lime, may chang, basil and sage)
  • Summer Citronella (citronella, lavender, cedar wood and clove)
  • Comfort (sweet orange, cinnamon leaf and clove)
  • Inspire (sweet ginger grass, cardamom, sweet orange and benzoin)
  • Tranquil (lavender and tangerine)
  • Winter Bliss (peppermint, cinnamon leaf, pine and vanilla)

  • Purple Essentials would like to
    make your gift giving easy this Father's Day
    with our fresh & natural - pure & simple
    handmade products.

    Gift packages available 
    free local delivery.

     Click here to order 
    Receive a complimentary Bar of Handmade Soap + Lip Saver with each order over 25$, (while supplies last) placed before June, 17th, 2012.

    Live Purple!

    Friday, June 8

    Terrific Thursday!

    Everyone has a favourite day of the week.  For some it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday, as they all are a part of weekend-time.  A select few favour Monday with it's fresh beginnings.  Others prefer Tuesday or Wednesday, as they fall after Monday has been survived.  For me, Thursday is my favourite day of the week.  This Thursday proved itself to be another "Terrific Thursday"...

    We received more orders for Purple Essentials products - word travels fast :)

    I Enjoyed a relaxing, afternoon, pedicure with a cherished gal-pal and her lovely Mother.

    Attended a moving and inspiring Art Exhibit - Women of East Africa, with my precious Mom and gal-pal.
    (Heather Haynes is such a talented and visionary artist - brilliant pieces with portions of the proceeds going to such a worthy cause).

    Got to see (and share warm hugs) with many fabulous women, who I hadn't had the pleasure of socializing with, in awhile - and met some new creative personalities.

    Added 2 gorgeous pieces, to my small but sentimental jewelry collection. (Thank you Whitney Haynes - you are so talented).

    * You can view and experience these exceptional sister's art @ their new location:  Heather Haynes Gallery.  318 King St, East. Kingston, ON. or online and

    Shared an impromptu dinner and giggles, with my Mom on Le Chein Noir's tucked away, courtyard terrace.  Delicious!  (While watching the talented Suzy Lamont's photo shoot, nearby).

    And when I arrived home, I was thrilled to find that some goodies had arrived!  You see, we have always cut soap bars by hand/eye - attempting to cut to the perfect weight and shape... not so quick and easy.  In order to render our soap making and cutting, more consistent and efficient, we decided to invest in 2 small, but mighty pieces of equipment. (Goodbye odd pieces of soap - Hello uniform cuts, in one mighty slice).

    Soap Cutter

    Soap Molds

    Ended the day with big hugs from my magnificent boys - Life is great :)

    I hope you Enjoyed a Terrific Thursday - Have a Fabulous Friday -Experience a Wonderful Weekend!

    Live Purple!

    Tuesday, June 5

    Easy ways to Summer-Proof your makeup

    Ladies, have you ever spent time applying your makeup, on a hot and humid day, only to catch a glimpse of your reflection later on, with makeup melting or melted away? Dewy fresh is one thing - oily mess is another...

    In the Summer, applying makeup should be quick and easy, much like slipping into your favourite summer outfit.

    In order for makeup to have staying-power on your face, through the heat and humidity, some beauty routine adjustments need to be made.

    Tips and Tricks:  to avoid a makeup-meltdown
    Begin by making sure you are using a non-drying cleanser on your skin.  A harsh formula can cause your skin to produce excess oil in an attempt to balance it’s moisture levels.  (Great choice, Purple Essentials Orange and Rosemary Facial Cleanser, suitable for all skin types - click here…)

    Always use a Primer – apply following moisturizer and SPF - prior to foundation and concealer.  This is the KEY step to creating a long wearing look.  Primers are formulated to be light on the skin, smooth out the texture of the skin and create a base for makeup and colour pigments to adhere to. * To make your own natural (silicone free) primer - cut a small section (1/4" off leaf tip) off an Aloe Vera plant, remove the plant's clear gel, by scraping or squeezing.  Smooth a small amount over face and allow to absorb for a couple of minutes - if you have oily skin, you can apply a light dusting of Arrowroot Flour or Cornstarch - and then follow with makeup, or leave as is.

    Less is more through the Summer months.  Just like you wear lighter, more breathable fabrics - it’s time to use lighter and sheer makeup. You might enjoy a tinted moisturizer to even out skin tones and complexion. If you prefer to have more coverage, you can apply a powder foundation on top of the tinted moisturizer, all over or only to specific areas.  * Natural/mineral makeup can help to even out skin tones while creating light (long lasting) coverage, allowing the skin to breathe.

    Get in the habit of carrying “Oil Blotting Papers” with you. Sometimes with all of your efforts, some shine can still show through.  Reapplying layers of powder can cause skin and makeup to look “cakey” and uneven.  Blotting Papers are a quick and easy way to absorb any excess oil, while not messing up your makeup. (Remember to BLOT not WIPE).  * Natural Blotting Papers - Click here

    To keep EYE makeup from melting away, begin with a dusting of translucent powder.  Pat powder onto eye lids before applying any eye makeup, allow to sit for 10 seconds to absorb excess oil and create a base, then dust off excess with a large fluffy brush and follow with eye shadows and liner.  * A dusting of arrowroot flour or rice powder is effective - both are vegan and gluten free.

    When applying eye shadows, you can dampen your shadow brush with water and apply shadows, for a glaze that will last longer than dry powder.  * Create liner using damp thin brush in darker colours.  (Avoid Kohl liners on hot and humid days or nights, it tends to melt away, finding it's way into nooks and fine lines... and away from your eye).

    To create longer lasting colour on cheeks, apply a creamy blush vs. powder blush. The creamy consistency will create some longevity on your cheeks. * Tap onto apple of cheek using your ring finger, then blend in circular motion.

    Lighter lip products are the way to go (save the lipsticks for cooler months).   Lip pencils with some gloss can create a fresh lip look.  Apply a tinted gloss over top for added dimension. * Purple Essentials Lip Saver is an all natural way to nourish and add gloss to your lips. (Cocoa Mint Lip Saver:  An antioxidant rich blend of botanical oils, cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E. With essential oils of vanilla, peppermint. $7)

    Recommended Natural Cosmetics: 

    * Please note The Green Bath & Beauty Co. in Kingston, ON. carries the Pure Anada and Sappho Cosmetic lines - Visit Jada and she can help you to choose which products work best for you, or shop on line with the links below.

    Making these minor beauty routine adjustments can help you avoid a makeup meltdown.

    Live Purple!

    Friday, June 1

    Hurry, 25% off scrubs & polishes

    To celebrate our well received article in the Lifestyle section of the Kingston EMC ,
    Purple Essentials is offering a 25% off promotion on our Body Scrubs and Body Polishes (while supplies last).  Enjoy a treat for your skin and senses, that will help to exfoliate and soften your skin, just in time for Summer. (Free shipping available in Kingston, ON).

    Fresh & natural - inspired by nature - made with pure and simple ingredients.  

    Ginger & Mint Body Scrub: Spa in a jar. This exquisite blend will pamper and nourish the skin and senses. Luxurious blend of sea salt, botanical oils, cocoa butter, freshly ground ginger, midnight blue poppy seeds, with essential oils of spearmint and lime.  140 g jar $10.50 (reg $14)

    Vanilla Tangerine Body Scrub: Mineral rich sea salts, brown cane sugar are paired with nourishing botanical oils, to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. The warm scent of vanilla blends with tangy orange and tangerine essential oils, to evoke comfort for your skin and senses. 140 g jar  $10.50 (reg $14)

    Whipped Sugar Body Polish: A soft and sweet treat for the skin and senses. Rich in moisturizing mango butter, gentle exfoliating cane sugar, protein rich botanical oils and essential oils of sweet orange, benzoin, vanilla and cinnamon. 140 g jar  $12 (reg$16)

    Whipped Cocoa Body Polish:  Satisfy your chocolate craving while smoothing away dull, dry skin.  Packed with skin nourishing vitamins, protein rich botanical oils, skin soothing cocoa butter with essential oils of cocoa, benzoin, vanilla and cinnamon.  140 g jar $12 (reg $16)

    To order, please click here. 
    Offer expires Wednesday, June, 6th, 2012.

    Hurry - these products are becoming quite popular, supplies won't last long.

    Happy Weekend ~  Live Purple!