Friday, May 18

Long Weekend - Passion Lemonade

Fresh Lilacs = Big smiles

I imagine many of you will be busy this Victoria Day long weekend (Cdn), looking for ways to be outdoors and take advantage of the great weather ahead. 

Whatever you are up to, wishing you a glorious time.  Enjoy!

This looks like the perfect weekend to whip up a thirst quenching pitcher of Iced Passion Tea Lemonade (a SB summertime fav).  Here is a quick and easy recipe, sans the Sugar Syrup, to keep it on the healthy side.  Great for patio time! (Yes, you can add your favourite LCBO addition to it).

8 cups of water
3 Passion Tea bags
1 Litre of Lemonade
1 Lemon (sliced)

Boil water in kettle or pot to a rolling boil, turn off heat, once boiling/ bubbling has subsided add tea bags.

Allow to steep for 3-5 minutes, then remove tea bags and discard (in compost container).

Allow Passion Tea to cool to room temperature

Add 1 slice of fresh lemon to tall glass

Fill glass 1/2 way with lemonade and 1/2 with Passion Tea, add lemon slice and ice, if desired.

Combine remaining lemonade and tea in a pitcher and refrigerate. 

Happy Long Weekend!

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Live Purple!

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