Tuesday, May 22

30 Truths Learned

We all know that girls "talk".  I find that as I mature (get older) the girl-talk becomes more focused on life, learning and experiences, not so much about boy-talk or who did what.  Recently some friends and I got to discussing "Truths Learnt/learned" ... everyone offered up two or three lessons learned through our lives.  Some were humorous, while others were poignant.  That experience has me thinking about my own list of truths learned (sometimes quickly and easily, while others took repeated reminding).

Here are is a list of 30 Truths I have Learned:
  1. Everything changes (like it or not).
  2. Everyone has something that they deal with (sometimes it is hidden, sometimes it's on display).
  3. Parents are human too (I didn't fully appreciate my Mom & Dad until I became a parent).
  4. Never give up (just putting one foot in front of the other, over and over, will always get me further).
  5. Music and lyrics can move me and impact my life (repeatedly).
  6. LMNO is not a letter in the alphabet (one of my kindergarten aha moments).
  7. Wants and Needs are different (I want a lot, but need very little).
  8. True friends are worth their weight in gold (cliche, but so true).
  9. A woman's body is meant to have lumps and bumps (although I may wish for less of them).
  10. My 22 year old body was lovely, after all.
  11. Rewards, Positive Reinforcement and Encouragement are each powerful tools.
  12. Life really is a journey (hoping for the extended version).
  13. Appreciate each day and each moment, as it comes.
  14. LOVE embodies the deepest pain and the utmost pleasure.
  15. It is always possible to find the good in a person.
  16. Gossip hurts everyone.
  17. A good belly-laugh, or uncontrollable giggle, can make all the difference.
  18. Life doesn't always follow "My Plan", but often works out better.
  19. Strive for JOY (defn: “ a vivid emotion of pleasure arising from a sense of well-being.”), daily.
  20. Best to not assume anything (still working on this one...).
  21. Not necessary to follow trends, better to create my own.
  22. My ability to listen to someone on the telephone and have someone else speaking within close range, declines with age.
  23. Worry and Hate are each wasted energy.
  24. My "gut feeling" is right 9 out of ten times (I need to listen to it).
  25. Everything in moderation (works well for me).
  26. Brave, Courageous and Love, are all action words.
  27. When listening to a woman speak, it is important to decipher the meaning.
  28. When listening to a man speak, it is important to realize they speak quite literally (no need to look for hidden meaning - that can make things go wrong).
  29. Time spent in the woods with nature, always helps.
  30. Aha moments, make up a good life!

Why not make your own list? ... I would love to hear some of your Truths Learned.

Live Purple!

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