Monday, April 30

Where is your place of tranquility?

Where do you find your calm, your solace, your inspirational space?  I am very curious about each of you... please do share in the comment section.

I have found, over the years and through many of life's trials, tribulations and celebrations... that my absolute favourite, most effective place and process for finding calmness, comfort, inspiration and to be thankful, is to get myself into the woods (often with music on my Ipod).  A few steps in and my thoughts, my breathing, my energy,
all settle into a graceful balance.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed lately, with the logistics side of Purple Essentials and life's challenging curve balls, I have been heading to the woods every chance I get... to think, to decompress, to be inspired. Inevitably, by the time that I head home, everything gently settles into perspective :)

Guess who I met in the woods?

A funny thing happened recently, I have developed an attachment to this adorable pairing of Mallard ducks.  We are calling them "The Duck Couple"... met up with this handsome Duck Couple, one morning, back in the beginning of April, near our home.

April Fools Morning

Then came across them once again 4 days later.. in the conservation area nearby.
(I am 99% certain they are the same Duck Couple)
April 5th 2012

And yet again in the woods...
April 25th 2012

April 26th 2012

They are quite friendly, and allow me to get up close and personal... always makes me smile :)

My (current)  "Out in the Woods" Play list: 

                                                                  Do What You Love - Ryan Huston
                                                                  Beautiful Day - Ryan Huston
                                                                  Anymore - The Woodlands
                                                                  Until the Day Dims - The Woodlands
                                                                  Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
                                                                  Love Interruption - Jack White
                                                                  Let It In - Sam Roberts
                                                                  Glycerine - Bush
                                                                  Fall To Pieces - David Usher
                                                                  Home - Walk Off The Earth
                                                                  5 Oclock In The Morning - Lily Allen
                                                                  St. Lawrence River - David Usher
Live Purple!

Up next, Purple Essentials Organic Baby Wash...

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  1. My place of tranquility used to be having a nice long and relaxing bath. Unfortunately that doesn't happen very often. Now all my inspiration comes from Pinterest :)
    Love the Duck Couple by the way.