Tuesday, April 3

Magnificent Monday

What a great day!  The labels for the New Purple Essentials baby products arrived.  They look great!  Just awaiting the new packaging and a fresh batch of ingredients... then, off I will go, into the studio, to whip up skin nourishing batches of baby goodies.  Some of the sweetest babies, including a set of incredible triplets, have been our "test group" over the last few years. The Baby-Mommies have encouraged us to get the baby line out there for all to enjoy.  Very exciting!  We already have a couple of orders, pending.

The photo shoot with the fabulous Suzy Lamont, went even better than anticipated.
It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon and the temperature made it possible to take outdoor pictures without our bulky coats on.  Many creative photos were set up and captured.  Suzy really has a remarkable eye for detail and light.  We are eagerly looking forward to seeing them all.  True to form, our time together produced another memorable adventure... we decided to take some outdoor shots 1/2 way up a rock bluff by the road. (Did I mention, I was dressed in a purple cocktail dress and heels?)  Let me just say,"wow and yikes", I was very happy to get back onto solid ground when the photographer stopped snapping.  Living life for the experiences :)

* I cant say enough adulating things about Suzy Lamont!  Check out her website and see how she turns moments into art.  www.suzylamont.com and for more on Suzy and her journey with her camera click here.

Live Purple!

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