Sunday, April 1

Worth a thousand words

It is time to choose the images that will be displayed on the new website.  So, I have been working at finding just the right images, for the last few days;  Visiting various stock photo sites, filling a number of lightboxes, adding, deleting, then adding "just one more image".  My eyes have viewed 1000's of photos... they are tired eyes now, and our bank account has been reduced, but I think we have an eye-pleasing selection of images that will lend themselves well to our vision for the website.   Still, it is all so exciting!  With the launch ahead, each task checked off of the list gets us that much closer to sharing it with you.

Speaking of excitement and photos, I am looking forward to spending some time with the brilliant and talented photographer, Suzy Lamont,(Suzy Lamont Photography), on Monday.  We always have a giggling and productive time together.  Our previous photoshoot/adventure included my half-body dip into a chilly November lake, as I stepped backwards off of a dock to get out of the way for a great shot!  For this shoot, we will be capturing a number of product groupings and "action shots" (stir, whip, pour...).  Purple Essentials is looking forward to having Suzy's creative vision, woven throughout the new site.
Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes...

Live Purple

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  1. I love Suzy! She did a huge family photo for us in the fall:)
    Have fun!