Tuesday, March 6

You are better than that

My life has provided me with some truly wonderful friends.  I value their friendships and cherish each of them, as they bring so much to the table and my life. Through the years we all manage to collect a unique set of friends - each pal tends to offer a specialized role in our lives.  When we least expect it, we learn a thing or two from our friends.

Recently I spent an afternoon with one of my inspiring and trusted cohorts. We talked, we laughed, we shared some latte time and tried to catch up on each other's busy lives (not so easy when you are chatting, giggling and getting off track). Little did I know, she was going to open my eyes and mind to a fresh concept.

Now, this lovely woman is a Sista-Friend, the kind of chum who will tell it like it is (when things need to be heard), while she supports and encourages - helping me to see myself from an angle that I hadn't really noticed before.

At one point, we were "window shopping" through some stylish boutiques, playing the "What do you want vs. What do you need" game.  Along the way we stopped to try on a few pieces of clothing... this is where my dear friend let a jewel of a phrase fly! 

As I tried on a blouse that looked "fine" (more of a want than a need) but wasn't doing anything special for me, my Style-Guru-Buddy said "It's nice but, you are better than that".  It took me a second to register what that comment could mean... and then, I got it.  She was right.  I would be "settling" if I chose that blouse.  It wasn't anything exceptional.  It didn't make me feel or look great.  It was "just nice"... The blouse was alright, simply not the best choice for me.

That comment made me think... Days later, I can still hear the phrase play through my mind.

It might seem like an insignificant event or even a conceited statement.  To be clear, I am not talking about a monetary or appearance issue... and it's not about the blouse... more of a "doing what's best for you" - "don't settle for less" - realization.

This "Ah-ha" moment has me thinking...

How often in our day-to-day lives,
do we settle for things, when
"we are better than that"?

It can apply in so many areas, from what we put into and onto our bodies to how we spend our time.  Everything we participate in and accept into our lives...
Here are a few of the ways that I have found to incorporate "You are better than that" :
  • Skin and body care products - enjoying all the goodies! - no more saving the "good stuff" for another time.  I am better than that :)
  • Diet - eating healthy and nourishing foods - avoiding easy processed foods. I am better than that :)
  • Exercise - hitting the trails and the weights with increased determination - not looking for excuses to get out of workout time.  I am better than that :)
  • Social activities - Spending time with positive inspiring people - not participating in toxic gossipping.  I am better than that :)
  • Clothing - wearing "the good" lingerie and clothes - not saving them for "just in case".  I am better than that :)
  • Emotions - saying what I feel and what I mean (nicely) - not pushing thoughts and feelings aside.  I am better than that :)

Chalk up another lesson learnt from a valuable friend. (Thanks go out to her)
I am now practising a (non conceited) "better than that" attitude... where I remind myself not to settle. 

What are you better than??  Please share...

A wise woman once said...

“Only make decisions that support your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth.”
Oprah Winfrey
Live Purple!

Still ahead - Prepping your skin for Spring...

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