Saturday, March 3

Spring is in the air - somewhere

As March came upon us like a lion this past Thursday, and the current temperature is a chilly -3 C with snowy wind gusts of 70 kmh... it has me questioning the signs of Spring that I had been enjoying; warm sunshine, patches of grass greening up, early bloomers poking through the soil. Will they be gone for awhile? Will they return quickly and allow us all to move on from Winter? How much longer will we need to wear our winter boots??

With Spring's official arrival set for Tuesday, March 20th, the next couple of weeks are almost certain to be filled with unpredictable weather and temperatures. Then there will be that sweet, inviting scent - that feeling of renewal, where everything is possible and we are at our best - SPRING! (Reminder - clocks jump ahead on March 11th @ 2:00am)

As the days get longer and we have more sunlight to soak up, I find that fresh cut flowers call my name, salads are tastier and sunsets are somehow even more impressive. Spring fever is unavoidable, for young and old (thank goodness).

With the warmer weather around the proverbial corner, we will all be putting away our winter boots, while shedding some layers and showing more skin. Much of that skin may be crying the Winter Blues.  Coming soon... Spring Skin Prep.

Salad with honey roasted pecans

"Spring is when life is alive in everything"
Christine Rossetti

Live Purple! 

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