Monday, February 13

How do I love thee?

Natural beauty ingredients,
how do I love thee, let me count the ways...

I love the sight of fresh & natural ingredients, used to create natural personal care treatments or products.  The vibrant colours and shapes of Mother Nature's bounty, offering us an abundance of opportunities to nourish and heal our body, skin and hair.

I love the scents of natural ingredients. Sweet and spicy aromas of ripe fruits and vegetables, pure essential oils, freshly ground herbs and grated spices. Next time you have a fresh fruit or vegetable in front of you, close your eyes and heighten your senses, inhale deeply... no perfume or chemical fragrance can come close to the olfactory response you have when inhaling and registering a purely natural scent.

Fresh Organic Strawberries

Fresh Lime

Fresh Ginger


I love the variety of textures that natural ingredients and products feature.  Juicy and creamy blended fruits and vegetables, to silky-smooth honey powder, sticky soft brown sugar... each helping to soothe and nurture our skin and hair.

Mashed Kiwi

Mashed Banana

Honey Powder

Organic Brown Sugar


I love the taste of natural ingredients.  Even though the context of using them is topically, every now and then a drip or drop may land close to our lips... and isn't it wonderful to know that everything is edible and more often than not, yummy!

Most of all, I love the effects and the benefits that using natural ingredients and products provides;
  • Reducing/limiting exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Infusing skin with naturally occurring anti-oxidants and vitamins.
  • Support healthy cell growth.
  • Providing long-lasting moisture to help keep our skin and hair supple and healthy.

Oh, natural beauty ingredients,
the ways that I love thee
are numerous and infinite!

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