Tuesday, February 21

Have you enjoyed one lately??

How can I explain pure joy moments?  I am hoping that you experience PJ moments, daily, weekly, monthly... this way you will know of which I speak.  I have experienced stretches of time where these delightful moments have seemed in short supply, and then out of the blue, an amazing, pure joy moment arrives!! You can not plan these moments, they are by nature, unpredictable. They often sneak up on you and you may not even realize what has happened, until the magnificent moment subsides. There is that breath-taking rush of happiness, a blooming warmth within your body, a smile that you can not contain - one that ignites in your eyes and lights up your face! Occasionally an intensely moving, pure joy moment will bring on a wave of goosebumps or even happy tears. The varying intensity of these unique moments, each bring with them a release of natural endorphines (endogenous morphine) produced by our brains that induce a feeling of blissful euphoria. Mmmmmmm!  Beyond the feelings of elation, these sweet endorphines help to activate cells in our bodies that are good for our health. Cells that enhance our immune system, reduce stress, relieve pain, and slow the ageing process. (Another high-five for PJ moments)

These often subtle, yet remarkable moments come in all shapes and sizes, as an antecedent to varying degrees of pleasure; spontaneous happiness! The one thing that all of these marvellous moments have in common - they require us to be present... living in the instant. Being mindful of where we are and what we are doing, in order to be able to fully experience their gift. This may sound silly, but how often do you find yourself performing a task or partaking in an event by rote?  Whether it's driving, picking up a latte, folding laundry, grocery shopping, banking, walking the dog, sitting through family dinner, even attending a business meeting... being present isn't always as easy as it sounds.  It often takes a conscious effort and a bit of practise, for us to slow down and enjoy these moments.

A multitude of experiences can trigger a pure joy moment.  Everything, and anything, from: being the recipient of some unexpected good news, seeing a baby smile or take some wobbly steps, petting an animal, experiencing a glorious sunrise or sunset, the first tantalizing taste of a decadent dessert or wine, seeing your favourite band live, winning an award, a first kiss or soul-touching love session, hitting a perfect drive in golf, accomplishing a mental or physical challenge, a sensory-stimulating convertible ride, receiving an unexpected gift, feeling proud of someone dear to you, stolen moments, accomplishing a goal, doing something thoughtful for an unsuspecting someone, an exquisite meal - a remarkably simple meal, reconnecting with someone you have missed, being on the receiving end of good fortune and luck, sharing a belly laugh... to sitting back and realizing, just how much you enjoy the company that you are keeping.

It was during a tranquil, late afternoon hike through our local conservation area a couple of days ago, that I was pleasantly surprised with an abundance of these bliss-filled moments.  The temperature was above zero. The sights, sounds and scents of impending Spring were in the air.  The light of the late afternoon sun produced lingering, seductive colours.  Pure and simple moments that I almost walked right by (being in a hurry)... but allowed myself to stop and enjoy.  Brilliant moments that left me absolutely in love with life! I find that pure joy moments evoke deep feelings of gratitude in me and make my world go around. 

When you slow down and take everything in, it might be a pleasant surprise to discover just how many of these extraordinary moments are awaiting you.

The colours and shape of the ice flow = stunning.

The puzzle pieces of melting ice, drew me in.

Handsome young buck - after "calling" to him...

He came CLOSE, and let me take his pic :)

Baa baa black sheep

This little lamb granted me some petting time :)

This bold little guy was trying to nibble my dangling ear phones.
Coincidence?  Song that was playing, "Ryan Huston-beautiful-day"

Live Purple :)

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