Wednesday, January 11

Live Purple

When we were seeking a name for our fresh & natural product line/business, we played out a variety of brainstorming activities... wrote out concepts... sketched ideas... kept a file on "likes & inspiration"... jotted down "name possibilities" whenever they popped up (often in the middle of the night).  We had fun with the experience, but also challenged one another on what each felt was the best name for US.  It would need to be a name to stand the test of time, not be too trendy, and a name that we would be proud of, for all that it would represent.

In the end, we felt that the name should reflect the essence of our life philosophy; enjoy the pure and simple, essentials of life! The name Purple Essentials was a perfect fit.

We strive to live purple and encourage others to do so, also.
Each of us needs to determine what constitutes purple living for ourselves.
For us, we believe the pure joys in life are simple... enjoy it all. In business, as in our personal lives, it is about the people we connect with and what we share.  Share your passion and embrace where that leads you. When we open our hearts and minds, opportunities are everywhere, we just need to recognise them and go for it.

Do what you love, do it well and do it often!


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