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Fresh & Natural Mask Ingredients

Before we begin with the actual recipes and directions, here are the ingredients that you will want to have on hand, in order to prepare the Skin-Soothing Avocado Facial Mask and the Avocado Banana Hair Repair Mask:

Avocado (organic and ripe, looks blackish green when ripe ) - An exotic fruit with so much to offer; rich in antioxidants and an abundance of skin revitalizing minerals, enzymes, vitamins and essential fatty acids (Zinc, Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K, Potassium, Lecithin and Sodium Magnesium...)

Banana (organic when possible) - is one of the most nourishing fruits available because they contain large quantities of magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, iodine, and vitamins A, B (folic acid), and E.  They provide emollient and soothing effect helping to bind moisture to skin and hair. (Use a ripe/browning banana for these masks).

Egg (organic and locally harvested when possible) - For these masks we are going to use only the hydrating and skin nourishing egg yolk, as it is rich in Vitamin A, B5, Sulfur, Choline and Lutein... all of which help to prevent free radical damage while promoting healthy skin cell functions. (You can use egg whites for a mask that offers a tightening effect, but also offers much less hydration to the skin).

Greek Style Yogurt (organic if possible, plain unflavoured) - Why Greek Style Yogurt over regular yogurt?  Because this yogurt has been strained to remove excess water and whey and as a result is much thicker and creamier than regular yogurt.  For eating or topical use, it provides twice the amount of protein of regular yogurt and loaded with lactic acid, vitamins + minerals which help to treat dehydrated skin and slough off dead skin cells.

Honey (organic and local if possible) - I could go on and on about how honey is one of natures greatest offerings for our health and skin care - I will offer up additional noteworthy honey info in a future blog post.
Why use local honey vs. grocery store big brand honey?  Well, honey is big business and much of the honey we are currently offered in the grocery isles is "funny honey" from China (honey mixed with copious amounts of high-fructose corn syrup + illegal sweeteners, antibiotics and pesticide residues is often relabelled to hide its place of origin)  When you have time, this is an informative food safety article
A telling quote from the article, "In many cases, consumers would have an easier time deciphering state secrets than pinning down where the honey they're buying in groceries actually came from".  An additional article with a Canadian focus. Read this Globe and Mail honey-laundering article
You can avoid falling into the "funny honey" trap by purchasing locally harvested organic, raw honey.  By doing this, it helps to reduce your carbon footprint, helps your local bee farmers business and your community's economy all while providing you with quality honey, rich in nutrients and healing properties.  Natural honey offers incredible antiseptic, antioxidant, cleansing, toning and moisturizing properties for your skin/health. It helps to fights infection and aids tissue healing but also helps reduce inflammation and scarring.

Virgin Olive Oil (organic when possible) - A nutrient rich, hypoallergenic way to moisturize skin and hair while providing effective antioxidants, like Vitamins A and E that help to repair and renew.  Penetrating deep into the skin and providing a long-lasting shield of moisture, helping to keep skin smooth and supple, while helping to fight free radicals and encourage healthy skin cells.  When used on hair and scalp, olive oil can be considered two products: a deep penetrating conditioner and a dandruff controller.

Recipes coming up...

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