Monday, January 9

Beautiful Monday


Now, some Mondays are bearable, some Mondays are enjoyable and then once in awhile you get a Monday like today...  it is an Amazing Monday!

My perception could be swayed by the fact that I started the day out right with a long hike through the conservation area, with fluffy squirrels, a few deer and an owl sighting, in weather that is a balmy 3 C.  There is a good feeling in the air.

2012 is a great new year!

The weekend was rather busy, filled with photo shoot prep and shots of each of Purple Essentials' fresh & natural products, for the website.  Setting up the camera, light box, tripod, lighting and such took some time.  Testing out a variety of shots and looks, again more time.  By  the end of the weekend we managed to collect a good assortment of pics that we can now use to build our new site.

Good things ahead... looking forward to them all.

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