Saturday, December 17

Holiday Shopping Event

After all the effort, sleepless nights and pure joy moments...Purple Essentials Holiday Shopping event was a great success!

We are so grateful to all who took the time to come out and enjoy some festive shopping with us.

The day was long with preparations, including trucking the boxes and boxes of product to the venue, preparing signage, cash procedures, setting up the lounge, displaying the products and creating a cozy shopping atmosphere. 

Then there was the mixing of purple cocktails (thanks to Gerry & Steve), plating of delicious Christmas treats (Thank you Sydenham Sweets Bakery), setting up complimentary hand massage area (Thank you to Jessi and Tarissa from Solace Esthetics for providing the relaxing hand massages) and being ready in time for our first holiday shopping visitors.

With the generous help of some magnificent friends and family, it all came together beautifully :)

Styling A Gift Display

Working Her Magic

Setting Up The Face Care Product Line

Labelling Testers

Soap Table

Bath Treats

Gift Packages

Hand Crafted Soap & Aromatherapy Candle Display

Gift Packages

Displays Completed

Ready On Time

And so it begins...

George & Nick
Customer Service

Testing Out The Hand Treatment Lotion

Mix & Mingle Shopping

Happy Shoppers

Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle Lover

Enjoying a Relaxing Hand Massage

So Glad You Could Join Us

Hand Massage Beside The Fire

Browsing The Fresh & Natural Selection

Checking Off The Gift List & Holiday Cheer

Lovely Loyal Purple Essentials Customer

Wrapping Up the 1st Purple Essentials Holiday Shopping Event

Happy With How It All Came Together

Thank you
to all who helped us to enjoy a successful and fun evening!

Looking forward to our official product launch party in early February 2012...

1 comment:

  1. Christine, you did such a fantastic job getting everything together!
    You deserve much happiness and success. I am so proud of you.
    Your products are incredible, well made, fresh and smell so amazing.
    I will be happy to spread the word. Xo