Thursday, December 8

Mineral Eye Shadow

Ooooh, a fun task, accomplished.

Mineral Eye Shadow blended and pressed!

A natural blend of minerals, oxides & micas that come together to create a concentrated blend of pure colour eye shadow.

The joys of using mineral eyeshadow...
  • Wonderful for sensitive skin and eyes (many women who experience eye irritation with commercial brands, find that mineral eye shadows do not cause such irritation). 

  • Mineral makeup is non-comedogenic, so it won't clog your pores

  • It is long lasting/wearing

  • Water resistant

  • Offers a natural SPF

  • Easy to use and provides a soft, silky finish.

Best of all -  contains all natural ingredients.

Using our Mineral Eye Shadows, or any other Purple Essentials' fresh & natural product, is a great way to help limit exposure to chemicals in our day-to-day journey.

Making sure to wear my trusty "fine particle mask" for lung protection...

The first batch is a finely milled Taupe Chocolate Brown with Golden Flecks.

Pressed into stylish silver compacts

Additional colours in the works...

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