Saturday, December 10

Invites & Events

Time flying by ... 6 sleeps until the Holiday Shopping Event

Due to the crunch of product prep (6! sleeps)
we have had to decline a number of invitations to fun festive events...

The absence of The Holiday Shopping Event over the last few years had really allowed me to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest, with friends and family.
Last year by this time,
I had shopped, wrapped, baked, hosted and participated in a number of pre-Christmas soirees :)

This year, no time for festive-fun until after the 16th.
No complaints, I am loving getting back to my "passion"!! 

Thanks to all who have commented on being so excited to attend The Holiday Shopping Event and getting back to our fresh & natural products.

As we ramp up for the 5th Holiday Shopping Event... 23 recipes made and packaged... 13 to go...

Pics from previous Holiday Shopping Events...

Happy Shopping

George helping out

The greatest friends & helpers

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