Wednesday, December 21

Back To Normal


Enjoying the "back to normal" days following our Holiday Shopping Event.
(If you can call the week before Christmas, a normal week).

Many "last minute" packages being put together and delivered... if you need or know of anyone who is looking for a special gift, we are happy to oblige.

Family Christmas is on countdown now, and we are all quite excited!

Through the week I have managed to enjoy a number of  "social visits".
What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit :)

Shopping accomplished, baking & wrapping tomorrow... maybe a candle light bath using some Purple Essentials goodies . (now that with some SB will be the ultimate treat)

Come on SNOW!

Wishing you all, wonderful holidays ahead!  

Saturday, December 17

Holiday Shopping Event

After all the effort, sleepless nights and pure joy moments...Purple Essentials Holiday Shopping event was a great success!

We are so grateful to all who took the time to come out and enjoy some festive shopping with us.

The day was long with preparations, including trucking the boxes and boxes of product to the venue, preparing signage, cash procedures, setting up the lounge, displaying the products and creating a cozy shopping atmosphere. 

Then there was the mixing of purple cocktails (thanks to Gerry & Steve), plating of delicious Christmas treats (Thank you Sydenham Sweets Bakery), setting up complimentary hand massage area (Thank you to Jessi and Tarissa from Solace Esthetics for providing the relaxing hand massages) and being ready in time for our first holiday shopping visitors.

With the generous help of some magnificent friends and family, it all came together beautifully :)

Styling A Gift Display

Working Her Magic

Setting Up The Face Care Product Line

Labelling Testers

Soap Table

Bath Treats

Gift Packages

Hand Crafted Soap & Aromatherapy Candle Display

Gift Packages

Displays Completed

Ready On Time

And so it begins...

George & Nick
Customer Service

Testing Out The Hand Treatment Lotion

Mix & Mingle Shopping

Happy Shoppers

Aromatherapy Soy Wax Candle Lover

Enjoying a Relaxing Hand Massage

So Glad You Could Join Us

Hand Massage Beside The Fire

Browsing The Fresh & Natural Selection

Checking Off The Gift List & Holiday Cheer

Lovely Loyal Purple Essentials Customer

Wrapping Up the 1st Purple Essentials Holiday Shopping Event

Happy With How It All Came Together

Thank you
to all who helped us to enjoy a successful and fun evening!

Looking forward to our official product launch party in early February 2012...

Thursday, December 15

Almost there...

I am beyond thankful to two amazing friends who showed up last night to help with soap wrapping and tag tying.  Thank you  Ang & Lisa for your generous help, support, encouragement and laughs shared!!  Your help saved the day.  (Wishing I had a pic of our little workshop last night)


Bath Sugar

Frankincense Sachets

Lavender & Pink Grapefruit Soap Wrapped

Lip Saver

Soap Wrapped & Ready

Bath Bonbons

Almost there...

Wednesday, December 14

Almost time...

Where has the time gone?
2 sleeps to go... if there is any sleep ahead.

The last few days have been intense in the product preparation and labelling departments!

Pics tell the story...

Mango Body Butter Mini Tubes

Vanilla Tangerine Brown Sugar Scrub

Whipped Body Creme

Rejuvenating Serum

New Men's Face Line

Body Scrubs & Polishes

SOY Wax Candles Poured

Soy Wax Candles Packaged and Tagged

1st Gift Package Order ready to go

Soap wrapping and gift packages still to go...

Looking forward to Seeing you all on Friday and seeing everything come together!

Sunday, December 11

Live Your Bliss

4:30 am - this morning - still dark - couldn't sleep... not because of the snoring going on beside me ;) - but because of the amount of things still "to do".

Into the studio to remove 200 Bath Bonbons from their molds.

As I was going about the task, I began thinking ... "How did my 1st Holiday Shopping Event come about??" (Those who remember Soma Essentials' days, may recall attending that first event, held at Gusto's Wine Cellar - 2004).

Well, two amazing women, so filled with talent and generosity, helped to inspire me to take the leap, showcase my passion, and host the initial Holiday Shopping Event. And then, my wonderful group of friends & family helped me pull it off!

Janice McLaughlin and Lori Derbyshire ... I learnt so much from Janice and Lori , who, sadly, are both no longer with us. Each was a loving mother and wife, valued member of our community and successful business woman. I was impressed by their ability to balance these facets of their lives, so well.

Through their business "Not4boys", they designed and created beautiful, hand-crafted, artisan jewelry, which women loved so much, they often purchased pieces for themselves - never mind waiting for that significant other to remember an anniversary or birthday.
I am sure these women,  myself included, treasure the pieces that were purchased at Janice & Lori's Shopping Events.

In helping focus and guide my efforts for my first event, Janice & Lori offered me valuable and sound advise - woman-to-woman:
  • When hosting an event - Create lists and use them.
  • On Mothering - Just be present.
  • When things get tough - Believe in yourself.

    In preparing for this Holiday Shopping Event, the 1st for Purple Essentials, I find myself thinking of Janice & Lori, and of their families and friends who miss them dearly, especially at this time of year.

    I am thankful for the wisdom that they so generously shared with me, but most of all
    I am so very thankful to have known them both!  (The world is a different place without them).

    As the sun came up this morning, I was reminded of just how fortunate I am to be here, surrounded by people I love and adore, doing what I truly enjoy... living my bliss :)

    Live PURPLE (PURe & simPLE)

    Saturday, December 10

    Invites & Events

    Time flying by ... 6 sleeps until the Holiday Shopping Event

    Due to the crunch of product prep (6! sleeps)
    we have had to decline a number of invitations to fun festive events...

    The absence of The Holiday Shopping Event over the last few years had really allowed me to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest, with friends and family.
    Last year by this time,
    I had shopped, wrapped, baked, hosted and participated in a number of pre-Christmas soirees :)

    This year, no time for festive-fun until after the 16th.
    No complaints, I am loving getting back to my "passion"!! 

    Thanks to all who have commented on being so excited to attend The Holiday Shopping Event and getting back to our fresh & natural products.

    As we ramp up for the 5th Holiday Shopping Event... 23 recipes made and packaged... 13 to go...

    Pics from previous Holiday Shopping Events...

    Happy Shopping

    George helping out

    The greatest friends & helpers

    Friday, December 9

    Refining Facial Mask

    Mixing up a batch of our Fruit & Clay Refining Facial Mask and ooooh it smells sooooo good!  Fruity and earthy.

    A unique blend of nourishing fruit extracts and clays;

    • Kaolin & Pink Clay - for their gentle and toning properties.

    • Green Clay - for oil wicking, drawing out impurities from the skin.

    • Blue Washed Clay - helps to regulate skin's natural oils, tightening and toning.

    • Honey Powder - for it's healing, toning and moisturising effects.

    • Apple Extract - packed with alpha hydroxy acid, anti-ageing properties.

    • Strawberry Extract - rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, skin soothing properties, wonderful toner to reduce the appearance of pores.

    • Cucumber Extract - anti-inflammatory, tightening/toning, mineral and vitamin rich, promotes strong cell growth and repair.

    • Green Tea Extract - rich source of anti-oxidants, Vitamin C & E, helps to repair effects of ageing and environmental damage.

    • Ginger Extract - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing and balancing to the skin.

    This mask can be mixed with fruit juice, herbal tea or yogurt to create a tightening and toning effect on the skin.