Wednesday, November 30

Soap Days

Well, making soap is a love/hate adventure, some days.
You just never seem to know exactly what you are going to end up with.
"Trial and error"... "Live and learn", come to mind.
"20/20 hindsight" sums up yesterdays soaping adventure!

After preparing all of the ingredients for the Coco-Creme soap (freezing fresh coconut milk to just the right temp) measuring with care and diligence... I decided to allow my creative juices to flow, and added pink clay, beeswax, ylang ylang & cardamom essential oils to a proven recipe.

No problem, after countless batches of amazingly great soap, time to let loose!
I mixed batch to trace - no problem.  Poured into a new mold, quite excited to get this batch "to bed" as it's scent is soooooo exotic.

Turned my back for 10 seconds to prepare blanket to wrap soap in mold and turned back to an amazing soap volcano!!! 
I have read and heard about such a phenomenon, but had never witnessed such a thing.  Wow... the soap grew to 3+ times it's poured size, growing in front of my eyes.  This went on for 3 mins, while I watched in horror and awe.

When it was done it's wilful show, I managed to salvage much of it and return it to the mold - covered and wrapped it - fingers crossed - and put it to bed. 

Through the night I had to stop myself from going to peek at it. 

Unwrapped it today, low and behold it turned into a beautiful batch of soap.  I think it is going to harden nicely yet still offer creamy lather! 

Phew... like I said before, "You just never know exactly what you will end up with"

...Orange Frankincense soap getting ready for molds as I finish this entry up.
Fingers crossed, yet again :)

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