Tuesday, November 29

Makings of a Hoilday Shopping Event

Well it is all beginning to come together... location booked, invites designed and printed, labels (finally) designed and being printed (thank you Vistaprint.ca), ingredients ordered from all over the globe  -mmmmm! (sustainable resourcing), packaging sourced and ordered (paying attention to recycling goals and product needs), some "help" recruited for the big event and prep leading up to... (thank you to all who have generously volunteered to help!).

Now to get busy making those fresh & natural goodies that everyone will be seeking.
Last night, a double batch of Cocoa-Mint soap went "to bed", this means soap mold wrapped in warm blankets to begin its saponification process... we will check on it later today (fingers crossed) and hope it will be ready to be cut soon.

About to begin a batch of Coco-Creme Soap, made with real coconut creme.  As always, everything must be fresh & natural to = pure & simple = PURPLE ESSENTIALS

So much to do to pull this shopping event together...count down is on! 

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