Friday, January 12

DIY Honey, Coconut and Brown Sugar Lip Scrub from Purple Essentials

Chilly Temps can equal dry, chapped lips ... Let's make yours smile!

DIY Homemade - All Natural (& yummy) - Lip Scrub

As part of our New Year - New Beginnings theme, we're excited to start sharing some of our favourite, DIY skin care recipes - one each month. First up, here’s one for a Pure & Simple exfoliating lip scrub that can help naturally remove dead skin while moisturizing your smile.

Super easy ... Five minutes + three naturally nourishing ingredients that are probably in your kitchen right now!

Fresh & Natural Ingredients:
  •  1/2 tablespoon of raw honey (local organic honey for the WIN)
  •  2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  •  3 tablespoons of brown sugar

  • Mix honey and coconut oil in a bowl. These will be thicker/harder at cooler temps. For ease of mixing, you can soften each in a double boiler or microwave, being careful to avoid full melting. If full melting occurs, allow ingredient to cool in fridge for a few minutes before mixing.
  • Add sugar and whip to fluffy consistency.
  • Transfer to a glass jar.
  • Apply as needed - Don’t be afraid to lick your lips :)
Easy, but timely, recipe to begin with ... future offerings may test your skills a little more!  Tried this recipe and loved it?  We'd love for you to send us a pic or video of your efforts ... post to our Facebook page and maybe we'll include it in a future newsletter!!

Happy New Year - Live pure and simple - Live Purple!  

Sunday, December 17

INTRODUCING - eGift Cards from Purple Essentials and Square!!
Fast - Secure - Customizable - Purchase Purple Essentials eGift Cards
Just in time for Christmas - eGift Cards from Purple Essentials and Square!


To streamline and enhance our eGift Card system, we have partnered with Square to provide a fun and easy method of buying, sending ... and spending, Purple Essentials gift cards.

Customize the perfect, pampering gift - pick from a number of card options - available in any denomination - add your own personal message - create your own unique discount code .. be creative!

From start to finish, eGift Cards can be ready to send in minutes.  Have them delivered immediately, or opt to have the eGift Card delivered on the day of your choice - Christmas morning, Birthday, Anniversary? 

While is still the preferred method for discovering and shopping our fresh & natural products, enhanced, onsite eGift Card services are currently under construction, and will be available with the launch of our new website in early 2018.  Until then, we wanted to provide you with a convenient, secure and easy to use service for sending gift cards to those you love!

Ready to shop for an eGift Card?

visit our online eGift Card store now

Ready to redeem an eGift Card you have received? Please make your selection from the choices below, based on the destination of the purchase, not the origin:

For shipping destinations in BC, or in-store redemption
For shipping destinations in ON
For shipping destinations in the AB, QC, MB, NT, NU, SK or YK
For shipping destinations in the NB, NF, NS or PE
For shipping to the U.S. - SQUARE currently doesn't support this ☹

Why these individual sites for shopping online?

Great question, sorry for the short-term inconvenience ... until eGift Cards are handled completely in-house on our website, we will rely on Square to provide the secure software (best in the business) responsible for processing eGift Card orders (regular shopping activity is still processed as usual at and collecting payments, including taxes. Since Purple Essentials customers shop online from all over North America, the taxes we are required to charge and remit vary by province and country. Square's software does not currently allow for multiple tax rates in one store, so we have to create identical stores for each taxation area ... sounds like more work than it is :)

However, until we move all of this onto our regular website, it is important to choose the correct option above for shopping based on the destination of the parcel.  e.g. If you are shopping from the US, but are having the item shipped to an address in Ontario, Canada, then choose the shipping destinations in ON shopping option. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us through our Contact Us service online at ... we're always available to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Purple Essentials!!

Wednesday, December 13

Last Week to Shop Purple for Christmas Delivery!

With our addition of XpressPost shipping options online, Purple Essentials can still get to you for the Christmas Holidays - Pampering those you Love by Nurturing with Nature!

Canadian addresses:
XpressPost (orders < $100 = $20):   order by Dec.18
XpressPost (orders >= $100 = $10):   order by Dec.18

U.S. addresses:
XpressPost (orders < $100 = $30):   order by Dec.18
XpressPost (orders >= $100 = $15):   order by Dec.18

Of course, if delivery before the big day is no big deal, then our regular shipping rates apply - $10 within Canada & $15 to the U.S. ... and, as always, Expedited shipping for orders >= $100* is FREE. 

Waited a bit too long, missed the dates but still want to Gift Purple Essentials?  We have a solution!!!!

Let them choose their pampering with a Purple Essentials Gift Card** or, to use online, an eGift Card**.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Purple Essentials!

*$100 before taxes & shipping and net of any applicable discounts. For XpressPost options, basic shipping is free, but additional postage remains - $10 to Canada & $15 to U.S.
** some conditions apply

Saturday, November 25

Online Holiday Shopping Exclusive @ Purple Essentials - Spend $100 and Get $25!!! Happy Holidays!

Fill Your Christmas Gift List Online with Purple Essentials - Shop Now
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from the West Coast of Canada!

Purple Essentials is in full Holiday Shopping mode, with new products and fresh & natural packages for everyone on your gift list. And, for a limited time, here's an exclusive online offer to help stretch your Christmas budget ... 

Spend $100* & Get $25

Shop online at before November 29th - Spend $100* in a single transaction - Receive a $25 coupon code for your next online purchase ... it's that simple!

For those you Love - Nurture With Nature & Purple Essentials - Happy Holidays! 

*$100 before taxes & shipping and net of any applicable discounts. Coupon Code valid until Jan.17, 2018. Coupon Code will be delivered in a separate email following online transaction.

Tuesday, November 21

Thinking Ahead - Here Are the Cut-off Dates for Insuring Delivery for Christmas 2017

 Thinking of shopping Purple for Christmas?

For those who might leave it to the last minute this Christmas season, Purple Essentials has added an ExpressPost option to your shipping choice selection - shop online a little later into the month and still receive our handcrafted, all natural products in time for hiding under the tree or in a stocking!!

Here are the cut-off dates for getting parcels delivered on time:

Canadian addresses:
Expedited (our regular option=$10):  order by Dec.11
XpressPost (add $10):   order by Dec.18

U.S. addresses:
Expedited (our regular option=$15):   order by Dec.11
XpressPost (add $15):   order by Dec.15

Happy Holidays from Purple Essentials!

Friday, September 15

Change in weather, means change your routine - Embrace Your Face with Purple Essentials Natural Skincare

Change in the weather means a change to routine ... Embrace Your Face!

Even with Back to School in the rear-view, many of us are still overloaded with busy schedules and responsibilities - oftentimes, the last thing we feel like doing at the end of a long day is ... (not that... tsk-tsk) performing a nightly skin care routine. Be honest, do you make the time to properly cleanse and moisturize your face at the end of each day? If not, Purple Essentials wants to help change your routine, create a practice to improve your complexion and help your skin to retain a youthful glow - EMBRACE YOUR FACE ☺

Why do we need to be committed to nightly skin care?  Think of what your face & skin is exposed to throughout your day ... dust, dirt, greasy smog, environmental pollutants, sweat, bacteria ... not to mention the layers of products that you may have taken great care and time to apply ... moisturizer, SPF, foundation, concealer, blush, etc.  Cleansing before bedtime allows your skin a chance to breathe & hydrate, while your body goes into "rest & repair mode" as you sleep.  Without thorough and consistent cleansing, your skin can become dull and congested (clogged pores, blemishes, blackheads), while showing premature signs of ageing.  Purple Essentials can help prevent this from happening - let's work together!

The key is to keep it pure & simple. Let's create a nightly, cleansing ritual that not only can you stick to, but is enjoyable at the same time.  It doesn't need to be complicated, with a counter full of expensive products, but it does have to offer some element that you crave ... scent, texture, ease of application ... even if it's the packaging alone that entices you to enjoy the experience. Focus on whatever helps you faithfully embrace your night-time, cleansing routine - helps you make it a healthy habit.  I have a friend who makes listening to a favourite song on her Ipod part of her nightly ritual.  Earphones in, she has her face cleansed and moisturized by the end of one track ... dance moves included.

Pure & Simple Process: 

Remove makeup.

Cleanse nightly & Exfoliate 2 or 3 times per week, depending on your skin type

Tone (following cleanser) optional - if you really find the cleansing routine a challenge and are discouraged by multiple products and steps, you may wish to skip Toner, or do it every 2nd evening. If you enjoy the Toner step, use it again in the AM prior to moisturizing.

Moisturize while skin is still damp, to help lock in moisture. 

For anyone who wants to take that extra step towards fabulous skin, apply a Facial Mask 1 time per week.

BEST PART ... In the morning, just rinse your face with some luke warm water and a wash cloth, apply moisturizer and SPF ... easy!!

Helpful Tips:
  •  Choose a gentle skin cleanser, one that will not disturb your natural moisture barrier.
  •  Use finger tips to apply cleanser to face, in upward and circular motion, gently massaging product into skin. This will help to lift the tiny facial hairs and allow product to get deep into pores.
  • Apply moisturizers and serums, from thinnest to thickest formulations.  Applying a thicker formulation first may prevent the thinner products from penetrating deep into the layers of skin, where they best work their magic.
When your head hits the pillow, rest assured that you have taken 
steps to nourish and nurture your skin ... steps that will reward your complexion daily, and for years down the road.

* Remember it takes 21 days to form a habit - stick with it.

Here's what we do best:

Purple Essentials All Natural Essential Eye Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover 

Essential Eye Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover - Formulated with antioxidants and puffiness-soothing botanicals, this oil aids in preventing dark circles, helps smooth away appearance of fine lines, and helps to condition lashes, all while lifting away impurities and removing even the most stubborn eye makeup.

Purple Essentials' All Natural Orange & Rosemary Facial Cleanser 

Orange & Rosemary Cleanser - Orange & Rosemary Cleanser thoroughly cleanses the skin to remove surface impurities and make-up without disturbing the delicate moisture and oil balance of the skin.  Contains humectants that actually draw water into the top layer of the skin, leaving your skin with a soft, supple, smooth feeling after cleansing.

Purple Essentials' All Natural Cleansing Grains

Cleansing Grains (exfoliator) -  Gently clears and exfoliates dull, congested pores.  A mild, nourishing blend, suitable for balancing all skin types.

Purple Essentials' All Natural Peppermint Pore Toner

Peppermint Pore Toner (facial balancer) - Gently tones pores. Soothes the skin while hydrating and helping to balance the complexion.  A non-drying blend of alcohol free witch hazel, aloe vera juice, vitamin E, and peppermint.

Purple Essentials' All Natural Rejuvenating Serum
Rejuvenating Serum (moisturizer) - Effectively lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing and plumping the skin. Packed with skin nourishing vitamins and antioxidants, this formula helps to restore, activate and advance your skin's preservation system.

Purple Essentials' All Natural Facial Elixir 

Facial Elixir (moisturizer) - With only a few drops a day, this lightweight, quick-absorbing blend works on all skin types to effectively lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while helping nourish & soothe irritated skin with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich oils (ie rosacea).

Purple Essentials' All Natural Refining Facial Mask 

Refining Face Mask (toning, tightening mask) - Clay and fruit extracts, antioxidant rich, deep cleansing and toning. This product leaves skin feeling soft and renewed. Contains: pink, green, blue and white clays with extracts of apple, cucumber, pineapple, ginger and green tea.

Fresh & Natural and available across North America, Purple Essentials' products are handcrafted onsite in our Qualicum Beach, BC boutique - shop online at our Purple Essentials website.

Live Purple!

Saturday, July 8

Skin Care for After a Day in the Sun - Treat Your Sun-Kissed Skin
Click to browse After-Sun Skin Care

Whether you've had a day at the beach or an enjoyable day out and about in the summer sun, be sure to protect, heal and nourish your skin with these simple after sun practices:
  • Shower & Moisturize ~ Time to wash away the layers of sunscreen & sweat, and rehydrate your sun-kissed skin. Cleanse your body with a hydrating bar of natural soap and apply a moisturizing body lotion, immediately after toweling off, to nourish and protect your skin. Recommended: All Natural Soaps ~ Whipped Body Cremes Citrus & Sage or Vanilla Orange Spice ~ Mango Body Butter (for dry, flaky problem areas)
  • Pamper Your Face ~ Use products rich in antioxidants to help protect and repair while helping to fight the signs of aging. In the hot, summer sun, wind and sand can act like an all-day irritant and exfoliator on your face. For your evening routine, use a gentle cleanser to wash away the day's sunscreen, dirt and sweat, followed by a deeply hydrating moisturizer to nourish your face while you sleep ~ wake up rejuvenated! Recommended: Orange & Rosemary Cleanser ~ Rejuvenating Serum ~ Facial Elixir
  • Soothe Your Lips ~ Easily sunburned, lips will respond quickly to a thick layer of moisturizing lip butter. Apply and let it soak in for hydrating relief and a return to soft, happy lips. Recommended: Moisture-rich Lip Butter
  • Treat Your Feet ~ It's a must, especially if you've spent a day at the beach! Dipping your feet in and out of water while naturally exfoliating them in the sand can leave them rough, dry and tired. Unless you moisturize, they could end up a mess. To avoid this, take the time to massage your tired feet with a hydrating body cream to soothe and soften them like a day at the spa. Recommended: Whipped Body Cremes Citrus & Sage or Vanilla Orange Spice ~ Mango Body Butter (for treating dry, cracked heels)
  • Rejuvenate Your Hair ~ Your hair can take a real beating when you are out in the summer sun. Water, wind, sand ... each of these can stress your hair beyond a normal day's cycle. Before bed give it a thorough washing and apply an intensive conditioner to help rejuvenate it back to a healthy shine. Recommended: Intensive Hair Treatment
  • Drink Plenty of Water! ~ Before - During - After ... Nothing replenishes your skin and senses like cool, refreshing water!
While following these steps can help protect, heal and nourish your skin after a day of sun exposure, the best way to help prevent sun damage and insure healthy, youthful skin is to prepare beforehand! Apply, and re-apply, generous amounts of sunscreen while outdoors, take timeouts in the shade and drink plenty of water!

Have a safe and relaxing summer ... and, if you are in the area, drop by our Qualicum Beach studio for a visit!

Live Purple

Saturday, June 17

Purple Essentials Welcomes the Seaside Cruizers and the 2017 Father's Day Show 'n Shine 
Very soon after Purple Essentials first opened our new boutique in Qualicum Beach, BC, customers began telling us about one particularly amazing event that takes over the town every Father's Day, one mentioned by Oprah herself as "One of the 10 best things to do on Father’s Day" ... the Seaside Cruizers' Show 'N Shine!!!

As I type this post, I can already hear the workers outside already prepping for tomorrow's early morning takeover of Qualicum Beach.  With most of the downtown core blocked off to traffic for a good part of the day, starting at 5:30am, we have been advised to get to our shop REALLY early if we want to beat the crowds ... and given that this is our first Show 'N Shine experience, we definitely want to ready our Fresh & Natural boutique for visitors!

Purple Essentials, a member of the Qualicum Beach Downtown Business Association (QBDBA), and an official Car Buff Merchant on the QBDBA Ladies Walk 2017, invites you to discover our 663 Beach Road studio this Father's Day - June 18, 2017.

Drop in to shop our handcrafted, fresh & natural skincare, small batched and packaged onsite, along with a diverse selection of aromatherapy products - diffusers, oils and blends.

We ship across North America, so feel free to fall in love with how our products nurture your Skin, Senses & Wellbeing - we'll ship right to your door!
This Father's Day in Qualicum Beach, REACH TO BEACH and discover Purple Essentials!!

Friday, April 7

Hey Qualicum Beach and Parksville, BC Shoppers - Shop Online and Purple Essentials Delivers!!

Qualicum Beach and Parksville online shopping withPurple Essentials and home delivery

Firstly, thanks to all of our new, Vancouver Island clients who have joined the Purple Essentials family!  Since arriving in BC in October, finally opening our Fresh & Natural boutique and holistic studio at 663 Beach Road in Qualicum Beach mid-January, we have been touched by the sense of community and belonging ... we are so proud to call Vancouver Island our home!

Secondly, we want to offer a HUGE thank you to our loyal customers across North America, especially those from the Kingston area where Purple Essentials was born, who patiently waited for us to settle in and begin production again on the west coast - we hope it was worth the wait :)

For those who have not yet discovered our passion that is Purple Essentials, thank you for taking a read ... in a nutshell,

We feel that Mother Nature is brilliant,
offering effective resources for natural solutions
to an array of skin and wellness challenges.

Purple Essentials is dedicated to following her lead ...
We Nurture with Nature.

Our extensive line of aromatherapy based, natural skin care and body care products, are handmade from scratch in small batches, using natural and nourishing ingredients to ensure quality and freshness. They are then hand poured and packaged, giving every attention to detail, in Qualicum Beach, BC - Proudly Canadian.

For those not able to visit our studio in person, our website - - is a full e-commerce store with ssl certificate protection - shop online and we will ship it directly to you!  Orders over $100 are shipped free anywhere in Canada and the US.

Purple Essentials open at 663 Beach Road - Come Visit

For everyone who can drop by ... what are you waiting for?  Come visit us at 663 Beach Road in beautiful, Qualicum Beach and see what 20 years of experience in the business has taught us.  We think you'll find that the quality of our product and the purity of our ingredients is second to none ... the proof is in the experience :)

 "Well I met these two lovelies today! The shop is beautiful and smells equally incredible! They were very informative and accommodating! Love the little samples you get with purchase! A very smart addition as I'm finding myself loving everything!! About to use my specially blended Patchouli and Ylang Ylang oil in my diffuser! Welcome to Qualicum! I WILL BE BACK!"  Cherie - new client from Oceanside

"Just want to say how thrilled I am with your products. As a man, you don't always think it's important to take care of your skin but I have noticed such a tremendous difference! I have absolutely no skin reactions like I used to with commercial products, and I always feel like the natural oils are working their magic Thank you so much for your presence and your recommendations!John - new client from Qualicum Beach

"The ONLY baby powder I will use. Once I started using Purple Essentials Baby Powder, it's the only one I will use. No talc or corn starch, hard to find products without either of these ingredients on the market. Great consistency. Have reordered over 5 times already. LOVE IT! Worth the price."
Jamie - loyal online client from Beverly Hills, CA

AND, to make your shopping experience even more convenient, Purple Essentials offers both pickup and delivery options for local clients.

Pickup - shop online and checkout with the option to pickup at our studio - we will send you a confirmation email when your package is ready to go ... no extra fee, and you may find the odd promotion to take advantage of that was offered online only.

Delivery - yep, we deliver! Shop online and checkout with the option of delivery and we will deliver your package right to your door!  A small fee applies and it is only valid for Qualicum Beach and Parksville addresses.

Time and again, our customers have remarked on how using Purple Essentials products leaves them feeling like they have done something GOOD for themselves.

... your turn!

Sunday, April 2

3 Steps to Best Beard Care

Grow it with Care ~ Wear it with Pride!

A beard is more than just facial hair, it can be an integral part of a man’s personality - a style statement. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – short or long... longer, full or sparse, with or without a stash - just search online for “beard style” pictures … who knew?

Whatever it is to you, or your man, the primary goal of Purple Essentials' Skin Care for Men is to nurture and nourish that manly face - help your beard reach its full potential ... we're also really helpful at preventing the look of “neglected human”. 

Don’t Give Up! Many guys who attempt to grow beards may give up prematurely because they didn't appreciate the importance of proper grooming (aka beard care) – don’t let this be you! By neglecting your beard, i.e.“letting it grow and see what happens”, you risk creating awkward/irritating facial hair – course, dry hairs that can end up pointing in all different directions. And when this happens, it can have a tendency to make a beard look thin in areas - patchy, giving the illusion that a guy is unable to grow a full beard. Nurture it from the start and you may be surprised at just how well your beard evolves.

Wow – That’s a Lot of Hair! In a 24 hr cycle, the average male’s approximately 25,000 facial hairs grows about ½ millimeter (especially apparent on weekends ;-) ). With that considerable hair growth, it’s important to possess the know-how to best care for and groom, your beard or stache - from peach fuzz thru to rebellious bristles. Not to mention, facial hair is a natural habitat for all kinds of dirt and bacteria which can often result in unpleasant & embarrassing odours – we can help with that too!

You’re Convinced – Now What? When it comes to beard care, there's a fine line between smooth/effortless and unkempt/wild. And, despite what you might imagine, the distinction between the two isn't solely based on the amount of facial fuzz you can grow. Equally important is both the type and quality of products you use, and the maintenance routine you commit to.  For the best results, don’t be cheap or lazy – go all in!

The 3 Essential Steps to a Well-Kept Beard & the Best Products to Help Get It

1.  Start With A Clean Beard:

While in the shower, shampoo your beard – pure and simple, give it a good wash! Remember to rinse well, get out all the suds and grime.  At least once a week you should use an exfoliating wash to nurture the skin beneath your beard – give it some TLC, cleanse and rejuvenate this forgotten skin. Giving this part of your face some attention, exfoliating, will both remove dirt and impurities that clog pores, helping prevent breakouts, and release dead skin cells a.k.a. “beard-ruff (beard dandruff - more common than you may think)

Purple Essentials' Cleansing Grains

  1.b  Keep it Clean Throughout the Day: 
Between washes, your beard is constantly subjected to the elements - food, drink, wind ... cold sniffles. The associated bacteria and germs are always looking for a cozy spot to nest, especially around the nose and mouth - right where you have been grooming your masterpiece. To keep your beard fresh, clean and smelling great all day, Purple Essentials is excited to introduce the first of two, new face care products for men – All Natural Beard Refresher

Purple Essentials' NEW All Natural Beard Refresher - Tabula Rasa
Shake well and apply a light mist to your face & neck area as needed throughout the day. Massage it in for complete coverage. The result - an instantly refreshing and deodorizing effect ... Tabula Rasa - "A Clean Slate".

  2. Trimming: 

A very important step in maintaining a tamed beard ... keep it neat and tidy. Not all hairs grow at the same length, or in the same direction, so keep the scissors and clipper handy. It’s ideal to trim after a shower and when your beard is fully dry, but before you apply any oils - your hairs are hydrated and clean ... easier to cut. Use the clippers to trim shorter on neck and checks, fading to longer chin hair. Grab the scissors to attack any stragglers.

  3. Hydrate & Condition: 
To keep your beard looking the best it can, you will want to invest in a good quality beard oil. Used daily it will not only condition, soften and protect your facial hair, but it will also hydrate the skin beneath, reducing itchiness and irritation ... bye-bye “beardruff”.  

The best time to apply a beard oil is after you wash, while your beard is still a bit damp. Normally a few drops will do - use your fingers to work the oil through your facial hair and into the skin beneath. Finding the right oil is the key to balancing the health of both your beard and the you beneath!

Purple Essentials' NEW All Natural Beard Oil - Pacific Blend
Introducing Purple Essentials' second new product for men's face care, one that we know is going to completely elevate and amplify your overall wellbeing ... All Natural Beard Oil - Pacific Blend. We believe this premium beard oil is the highest quality, all natural blend of nourishing plant oils and pure essential oils available to care for your faceDesigned to be very lightweight and quickly absorbing, our Pacific Blend Beard Oil will keep your beard looking healthy and feeling extremely touchable, while nourishing and nurturing the skin beneath.

What makes it so healthy and effective? The ingredients list we have formulated for this product reads like an all-star list of skincare agents. A few of the highlights:
  • Black Cummin Seed Oil - is packed with vitamins and minerals, and is known to be very effective at reducing and alleviating skin conditions like acne and psoriasis 
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil - fend off free radicals, keeping skin ageing at bay, and has natural properties which include protection against sun damage
  • Organic Jojoba Oil - helps firm, tighten and moisturize skin, with long-lasting effects.
  • Evening Primrose Oil - helps to soften skin, while acting as a hair follicle strengthener.

Of the proprietary blend of 8 pure essential oils found in our beard oil, several stand out for their properties beneficial to both hair and skin, and your wellbeing:
  • Lavender is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that can fight the bacteria that cause acne and skin inflammation, along with its natural ability to promote strong hair growth while fighting, again, the dreaded "beardruff".
  • Frankincense's mythical list of benefits includes cell rejuvenation, skin and hair conditioner, and hair follicle strengthener.
  • Ho Wood has analgesic, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties.
  • Cedarwood has a calming effect on the mind and helps minimize skin irritation or itchiness. 
Together, the premium ingredients of Purple Essentials' All Natural Beard Oil work to give both your facial hair and your complexion, a fabulous scent and a ultra-healthy appearance. 

Clean it - Trim it - Hydrate & Condition it 

Pure and Simple - 3 easy steps to a GREAT beard

"This is the greatest beard oil I have ever used - smells great, lasts all day and no itchiness ... this is going to be huge!"
Tim K. - life-long, bearded man and 1st tester of our new products

shop Purple Beard Care online @